Adventures of a Disc Priest Pugger

Adventure One: Tank is 226, and DH. and squishy, man, squishy. The key is a 15 SOA, and on my main, a 248 disc priest with great gear, even four sockets, great secondary stats, you name it, and I have healed an 18 SOA timed. Of course in a good group.

First boss, there are three deaths. Why? Well, in the 18 I healed np, there were three deaths alright, but the entire run, and on this, the 15, these guys are a little shaky on mechanics and what to do. They don’t move when they should. They take avoidable damage, sometimes excessively. Not that everyone ought to know what to do on every fight, but, just saying…

Now the first lieutenant is up. And we are in discord. We skip the lieutenant, and after the boss I say, um… I need the anima power. Of course, with the three deaths on the first boss fight in mind. And two more deaths now on the second boss (maybe, I forget exactly, but my impression of these poor monkeys is fading fast). Blame me, whatever, but I healed this like any other SOA, and these guys were just not up to snuff… Anyhow, the tank says, we are skipping the lieutenant. Now, this is not good in my experience, and I say that I am not a fan. I mean, I have worked with people who literally shouted at meetings with HR people. But I am a little more subtle. I am not going to shout but this tank is not very swift.

Anyhow, we get to Coldheart, and skip that one too. Now we are up to about twelve deaths, and the 226 tank is skipping. I guess I could just pull “accidentally,” but I just go with it. So we get to the last boss. These guys don’t spread, and minus the ability to run, I am spam healing shadow mend to keep these guys up, and spam healing them nonstop without a hope in heck of moving to get any mana orbs. We wipe with the boss at 44% and me at 2% mana.

Guess how this ends?

Adventure 2. An 18 NW. I say in chat when a warrior drops before we start, 'Get a boomy." Boomies can innervate, and pump. And they are great to PI. This is true, really. Well, the last boss down, and this boomy had done less damage than the tank. Doh! We did not time either. But I guess I have to start checking on who these puggers who waste their keys are inviting. Said boomy had literally played all specs, mostly resto druid, but as dps, had done only two other keys as boomy, one a +2 and the other a +11. Lol.

Adventure 3. A NW 17. And I have healed a few two chest keys on this–17 NWs. The tank proceeds on the first boss to run up on the platform during the fight, saying, Follow me. And then he gets 51 stacks of Necrotic–having pulled the pack of trash there (and hopefully being aware of what Necrotic is all about), and promptly dies. Mage says, F this, and leaves.


Any thoughts? Would you like to share your “funnest runs” of the day?


Yeah these affixes make it quite a week, and not in a good way. Did a run on every class, but not every class is doing +7 yet, like my Warlock that just hit 60 this week.

My Disc run was actually pretty ok…I always seem to get wildly unpredictable PuGs (even by PuG standards) when healing HOA. I think the tank was a druid or maybe paladin, but they were pulling two packs on every pull (think my priest was doing +8 or something, so not really necessary especially with THESE affixes), so there was plenty of healing to be done. I was VERY happy I’d gotten my priest the Kyrian leggo+Mikanikos final trait last week, or it would’ve been much tougher. We wiped once, I think, because I was completely OOM, and we would’ve timed it if one of the DPS hadn’t DCed right before Echelon.

My most…interesting…run, was also in HoA, but on my Unholy DK. The tank was another DK, but severely under geared for the key level. And died many times. This is NOT a good week to be gearing a tank up through keys…However, I was the PuG in a 4/5 guild group, so nobody made a stink about anything, and my DK will (hopefully) be happy it stuck around on Tuesday.

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Hoa, man. Yeah. The trash early on is hard. But overall you can have a lot of deaths and still time np–probably because you dont have to run far. As for tanks, some bears, man. I don’t what they are doing but they have like 40+ stacks and are still standing. As for DK tanks. There aren’t a lot of them. But my impression of having healed a few so far this week is that a lot can stay standing with high stacks. Warrior tanks too. But this is only my impression having run about 20 keys so far this week.

I have a quick one! PF 16, dh tank, a pug rogue and 2 friends of mine one affliction lock and a ret pally.
The tank looks like a pro, he asks for shroud to skip right to the first lieutenant. We kill it, and in just 10 seconds everything just went down.
As soon the first orb appear we saw the tank jump and pull every single slime in the room. I remember that my lock friend said: “don’t forget the pow… Oh no the tank pulled!!!” That freaking tank didn’t waited one second, he was out of range and he didn’t grabbed his Anima power!!!
I swear I’ve never seen anybody pick so many necrotic stacks so fast. I used ps, barrier and rapture all at the same time but when the tank grabbed 75 stacks… Well let’s say that the slimes made sweet love to that dh.

Of course it was a wipe, of course the tank blamed me and the dps and of course he quitted the dungeon.

Sooooo… My next mythic + was pf 15

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You guys are all aware we can drop a tanks Necrotic stacks if kyrian yes?

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That is funny af. 75 stacks… Busting a gut.

Really? Please share. :open_mouth: Or, more concisely: Please elaborate.

Play with Kyrian tank.

Kyrian tank?

Kyrian tank.

Yup. Got that part. The why part is kind of hazy though.

Kleia soul bind. conduits, ascendant phial and hope springs eternal, you can drop a tanks necro stacks, as a healer, i should have been more accurate.

Everyone runs Mikanikos now though. :open_mouth:

and? adapt per week basis as you should. tsk tsk old son

laughing my ao. Honestly though, I have no idea what you are on about.

i spelt it out for you. maybe go look at the conduits i mentioned instead of laughing

Oh, thanks brother (or sister). Really, I’m laughing because I had no idea. Laughing at myself really. And how you get this info, I also have no idea.

You gonna make a post every time you get a bad pug and call people monkeys? Man, you’re a douche.

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There are no names mentioned. And maybe you think the term “monkey” is derogatory. But honestly, I’d rather be called “monkey” than “low skill.” To me it is a playful term like monkeys themselves, who anyone can see are playful creatures.

To me, though, the term “douche” only comes from questionable persons with questionable backgrounds and/or those with a complete disregard for manners. Go crawl back into your cave, kid.

Also, kid. Note I learned something I can use in game making my posts. Maybe you did as well! Oh, but you are a know it all, right?! So maybe not. Lmao.

PS. Note that the online Urban Dictionary defines “monkeys” as rulers of the universe. Douche on the other hand?

Hey, you want to really learn something? One point someone a lot smarter than you once wrote in a book is that the words you use and say are a reflection the most on you (and/or your upbringing and/or your education), the speaker. Like I say above, go crawl back into your cave.

Urban dictionary… ok.

Stick to children Brighter. Adults are too complicated for you.

PS Go back to playing with your guild. You exemplify the friendliness (and toxicity) of at least some in it. You are a consistent reminder to me of why leaving was a great decision!!

PPS Yo. Listen up. When you get to be my age, you start to appreciate nice people with a sense of humor more than anything else.

PPPS Oh, by the way. Your raider io is dog poop.