Advance Your Scholarly Pursuits with the New High Scholar’s Pack

You will be able to:

. Items from the High Scholar’s Arcana transmog set will arrive in a future rotation of the Trading Post, but no sooner than three months after the set leaves the Shop.

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Putting prices up on stuff on the trading post - lucky if you can buy 1 thing per month if you want a pet or a mount.

Selling all these cash shop items now with trading post tender

Everyone who warned about it was right, trading post has officially become a scummy cash grab!

In a game with a sub fee - an expansion fee - and now WORST THEN EVER cash shop cash grabs.

This is why I wont be buying anymore game time, expansions or returning. Tired of all the scummy greed here. If it was a free to play game, fine. But it isn’t.


They saw selling tendies worked once, so now they have a green light to throw them on more items. Unfortunately people will buy into it and only get worse.


I don’t get why our personal preferences have to be universally applied to others. Don’t like the cash shop? Then don’t spend.

Others like it and have the interest and the means to enjoy the offerings, what is the problem? It isn’t as though the cash shop offers any competitive advantage unless cosmetics have become a power factor. Well, outside of high school social politics.

It is okay to like and dislike things in contrast to others without value judging those differences. Blizz’s desire to find additional revenue is no more immoral than a movie theater charging for refreshments once we’ve paid for the tickets to see the movie. It’s all optional and doesn’t directly affect the experience. (Well, assuming one’s super sized drink doesn’t hit the bladder at the climax of the movie.)

Chill folks, there is plenty of room for everyone in this game.

Just start selling tenders already. This is where this is going and everyone knows it. Scummy Blizzard.

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I could tell you where to shove this bundle Blizzard, but it would probably get me banned.

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500 this time.

Interesting :face_with_monocle: yeah I was a tiny bit put off the hand thing, but surely you see this goes wholly against the principle of what trader tenders were meant to be.

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blizzard losing touch with there audience is pretty funny even after 90th example.

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Do people not understand the 500 tenders are meant to be used on the matching Staff from the Trading Post that is up right now for 500 Tenders? (As this will eventually be a Trading Post set).

If you don’t spend it on the staff, that’s your choice.

I for one like that they gave people that option, instead of just including the staff with the bundle and no tenders. Some people may not want the staff.


More pink in game please and lots of it.

There is still very little pink.

:cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom: :cherry_blossom:

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$25 for a set that could be leveling greens?


The greed is real.


A few things:

  • Items from the High Scholar’s Arcana transmog set will arrive in a future rotation of the Trading Post, but no sooner than three months after the pack leaves the Shop.

-For anyone that wants this set, the bundle is basically just selling like 1150 tenders (Presuming this set will be around 650)

  • A price tag of $37AUD seems quite high for a Tmog set

-I’m sure we will hear from the “convert your gold crowd” and if I had unlimited gold maybe,. I do actually have the gold but mentally I’d be struggling to justify 2 tokens so ~600k gold for “the set” but the tenders… sneaky blizz

  • Does it Tmog into non cloth wearers?

-TBD, but probably will. Might be cool to be a DK taking hits in a dress, To bad I playing druid this season :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for reading my dead talk :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is this set cosmetic or for clothies???

So you’re saying that the $5 price increase compared to all other mogs on the store is coincidental and that Blizz added the 500 tenders to help us color coordinate? Seems suspicious to me.

They could have helped us color-coordinate without raising the price. You even pointed out that this set has fewer options than other recent store sets. For $5 they should have included the staff with the set if that was what they were working towards.

It’s cosmetic.


It’s not the Cerulean Eye or the Chartreuse Eye or the Ochre Eye.

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I don’t agree with this, plus the prices for not only the shop items increasing but the stuff for actual tender are slowly increasing to also incentive to buy the tender bundles. I know the pet this month is 750, while previously they were 600


This ^^

Blizz being sneaky… never :stuck_out_tongue:

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Super glad that all classes get another cloth set.
Super glad that this is priced at half of a new game or expansion.

OH BUT WE GET TENDIES, THANK YOU FOR THAT I GUESS. You’re justifying the insane price because of the tendies, meaning they aren’t a bonus, and on top of that the set is maybe worth $10?, so you’re charging us $15 for tendies… NICE JOB.