<A>Do you play on a NA server but currently live in the GMT time zone?

I originally was stationed in Washington State but retired in Germany with my wife and child. I know there are plenty of other displaced individuals (especially military) who have a particular hard time raiding with their guild or participating in any calendar event when they have a 6-9 hour time difference. If you’re interested in forming a squad, please contact me below:

LuckyOwl #199425

Hi Elaysina. Are you willing to go horde? We are in the process of getting our raid going for those of playing on NA servers but living in Europe (or those that just play at odd hours). Several of us are based on Area 52, but we are currently cross realm raiding.
Raids are always Thursday evening from 9pm to Midnight. Add my battletag and we can get you in.
I also have a small community starting, but it seems we are all horde so far (I switched to horde at the beginning of Shadowlands myself)
I will add your battletag once i get home from work (or you can add me if youre faster)