Adjustments to Herbalism and Elemental Crafting Materials

Thank you blizz this is an amazing change


Holy crap on a cracker this is such a good change


Literal gods. Keep this kind of good mojo flowing!

Lets go unarmored mounts and removal of DHK and we’re SOLID


You guys ok? Listening and implementing meaningful changes while maintaining your design intent ? Did the devs get kidnapped :smile:


Imagine season 2. All the changes of season 1, with no-nonsense class balance, faction balance, unarmored mounts, no DHK, more bot blocks.

I would become a complete addict all over again.


It still exists as individual nodes as well.


I’m assuming they have more spawn points too. Hopefully enough that bots can’t cover them all.


Such a good change, I’m glad that forum thread didn’t fall on deaf ears. Great job team


NICE! Now don’t touch DME and we’re in business.

Thanks for your contribution to this topic!

Can we get a yes or no on buffing meme specs. A lot of us are deciding if we’re going to even bother playing if it’s just going to be stacking Meta classes, again.


Found the guy with 18 Hunter scout alts, cry more

Good changes. Thank you!

This is a huge win! Wish lotus were all drop chance but we’ll take what we can get!

This should be the approach of all things - crystals, gear drop rates and amount of gear dropping etc - with the timeline being reduced you have to increase the availability of resources otherwise the game will die

I had a hunter scout alt (lvl 60) from p2-p6. Farmed 1000+ black lotus. Spent months fighting against, and organizing with, the “mafias” and coalitions that formed on my server.

If curious about any of it, just ask. I had a blast the entire time.

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Not really that curious, just want the meta dead. Now it is

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Sounds fun for some, but for the majority of players, it’s great news Blizzard is at least attempting to curb those kind of things. They’re just not a healthy part of an MMO community- by definition it’s a parasitic system.

I cannot stress this enough. I’m not looking for a big shakeup on who does the main sources of damage but I would REALLY like to know that -1 warrior or -1 rogue in the comp is worth it for +1 feral or +1 boomer.

There are a lot of ways to achieve this but it must be a combination of itemization and tweaking abilities. The way that the lotus change resembles the way TBC improved, I think the Faerie fire and crit aura changes also were good improvements from classic to TBC so those would be good changes to mimic. Here are some thoughts for various memers:

Make tigers fury for feral last longer and persist between shape shifts so that it is a meaningful part of the rotation instead of a practically insignificant edge case usage. Increase the crit aura to 5% and make some items like finkles give feral AP.

Give them a melee ability that regens mana increases their spell power for 20 seconds. Give them 3% hit from FF and increase the aura to 5%

Give the 3% crit from crusader judgement, crusader strike to refresh judgements and improve the rotation.

Enhance: triple the stormstrike stacks and give a group buff like unleashed fury. Also something to reduce threat.

Wrath totem and an ability that makes a portion of their nature damage convert to heals on the lowest friendly near the target. Maybe make that healing do no threat

The tbc dot should be added to improve mana efficiency and group utility. Something also to improve their threat dropping. Maybe psychic scream could also dump threat idk.

I wouldn’t make their niche into insane aoe like tbc because there is none on horde but I’d give a healing related benefit to having them on the target like consecration heals friendlies (improving threat output as well).
I’d try to think of something else that helps improve their viability some as well. Something that gives them value even when they aren’t the target of the enemy. Maybe their ret aura also increases healing taken or something like that.

I feel like it’s super important to do something about the state of the specs. I think the original design intentions were closer to TBC but there was less data to base tuning decisions on back in the original days. Increasing the dynamic nature of the various specs will greatly add to the same notion of the changes like increasing raid difficulty because their should be a puzzle involved in the raid composition where some class abilities matter more in some mechanics but all specs are still valued all the time at least to the point where they shouldn’t be totally erased from the end game. I hate the thought of getting to 60 on a druid with 4 super interesting specs and then being completely pigeon holed into healing or (less often) tanking. Even rogues it would be great to see some strength in their assassination tree like maybe imp expose armor being deeper in the tree and then something related to utility in their as well like nature vulnerability from one of their poisons to improve ele/moonkin damage.

These are some suitable ideas but I don’t care what they are as long as these specs aren’t erased for being too suboptimal. When classic started lots of people said hey you can be enhance or you can make it work as a booking if you put in extra effort but the truth was that rarely was acceptable. With the increase of difficulty people will be even more likely to exclude you if you are not an optimal spec. You could look at the removal of world buffs as evening the playing field because warriors and rogues scaled better with those than memers, but with the increase in fight length and no changes to the specs, the mana issues that meme specs have will widen that gap even more than with world buffs.


in context of raids, you need to realize the new raid mechanics nerfed melee, and nerfed memes even more. you’re just going to stack mage, lock, 3 hunters for tranq.