Adjustments to Herbalism and Elemental Crafting Materials

OMG thank you so much. These changes are huge!!!

I have max herbalism…leveled it up…glad to test this…:slight_smile:

I could see some increase in mages/locks but I will be very surprised if either of those contend with rogues (especially with darkmantle and with a viskag or perds). But yes your point about memes being nerfed harder, I totally agree and this is a big concern of mine.


OMG you take the words out of my brain. I had a very similar experience as you and went on a very lonely crusade against these players. I can confirm what you are saying about the shift workers because I was somewhat friendly with a few players that were part of a ring of lotus farmers (all from the same foreign country). I confirmed that they were doing RMT because one of them was well known in GDKPs for that and one of them offered me his discord info when I went undercover and solicited info about his lotus price with USD.

But what you’re describing about the hunters/mages locking down a zone isn’t nearly as egregious as the times that 1 player would control 9-10 rogues on both factions and stay on each spawn for a dozen hours at a time. I would go around on my rogue and slay them as much as I could but it was a drop in the bucket effort to slow them down. I am also very concerned about how this will shape up and I think the changes announced in this thread will help a lot but I fear that ultimately the organized RMTers will still have a major impact as it currently stands. They will farm the majority of the lotus and they will set prices/corner the market because they are very coordinated.

I get torn between wanting to organize better efforts to just fight back against them with the pvp system and just not wanting to play because of the damage they’ve done. Lots of players that I knew made it to 60 and then encountered the GDKP scene and were immediately turned off by the entire game and I place a lot of the blame on the RMT for that. When one person goes into the raid and outbids everyone on the gear it sounds like a win because they distribute their gold to the people running, but if you run the calculations and see you gotta run MC and make ~250g each time until you can pay for 3k for a perditions blade, it doesn’t stack up against their experience of just being in a normal raiding environment and you can tell that only the credit card swipers end up with the gear. I get that people would use GDKP to earn side cash while they geared in their main raid, but a lot of players hit 60 and quit because of this environment and even if you avoid the GDKP scene, the GDKP scene does not avoid you when you queue up for a BG and your gear is way worse than your opponents. It just taints everything in my opinion.

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The changes to make plaguebloom, black lotus, and the elemental materials more available are now live on Beta realms.


Thank you for the update!

i hope the one guy who leveled herbing up to 300 testes it since you know NONE OF THE PREMADE can

Found my first Black Lotus from the 29th Plaguebloom and the second from the 57th

Elemental Fire from Sungrass
Elemental Earth from Liferoot and Goldthorn
Elemental Water from Arthas’ Tears

There may be more and I haven’t tested mining nodes

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mining doesn’t give anything other than one ore so if that’s true about the Elementals everyone will be rolling herbalism

Just to clarify, the elementals have a small chance to be gathered and are not guaranteed
So far I’ve mined Elemental Fire from Thorium and I suspect Water and Earth are also on other mining nodes

Edit: Elemental Earth and Fire from Mithril

3 Mithril Nodes
5 Small Thorium Nodes
2 Rich Thorium Nodes
4 Dark Iron Node

0 Elementals

If Elemental Fire/Earth/Water are obtainable via mining, I’d suggest upping the drop rate. Currently feels pretty bad.

Why did they add elemental stuff to herbs. It makes no sense. It should come from mining.

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Maraudon and DME jump runs gonna be lit

Those are still small numbers…it’s not a literal handout.

I am very certain you misread. They come from mining. Black lotus can drop from high level herbs. Although, it would make sense to me if some herbs had a chance to have living essence

You misread:

Fair enough. I missed that post. The original blue post didn’t suggest they came from herb nodes, and I only saw the posts detailing mining node spawns. You’re right, that makes no sense. Seems like a bug

Yeah, with people saying elementals are coming from herb and mining nodes…that to me doesn’t make sense. The way I read the blue post was that they would just make them more common…which I took as increasing the drop rate from the same elementals they are associated with today. Not…add them as drops for other activities.


Has anyone tested disenchanting drops?