Adjustments to Herbalism and Elemental Crafting Materials

We’ve developed some adjustments to a few items that we want to see more available early in Season of Mastery (than they were in WoW Classic).

We’re increasing the availability of Plaguebloom, adding a small chance for Black Lotus to drop from high level Herbalism nodes, and increasing the availability of Elemental Fire, Elemental Earth, and Elemental Water.

These adjustments are not yet testable on the Season of Mastery Beta, but they will be deployed there at some point over the next few days.

We’ll let you know when this slate of adjustments is in place in the Beta.


Does this mean BL still exists as individual herb nodes (in addition to the change you mentioned above) or only as a small chance from high level herb nodes?

Either way, appreciate the update!


Thank you blizz this is an amazing change


Holy crap on a cracker this is such a good change


Literal gods. Keep this kind of good mojo flowing!

Lets go unarmored mounts and removal of DHK and we’re SOLID


You guys ok? Listening and implementing meaningful changes while maintaining your design intent ? Did the devs get kidnapped :smile:


Imagine season 2. All the changes of season 1, with no-nonsense class balance, faction balance, unarmored mounts, no DHK, more bot blocks.

I would become a complete addict all over again.


It still exists as individual nodes as well.


I’m assuming they have more spawn points too. Hopefully enough that bots can’t cover them all.


Such a good change, I’m glad that forum thread didn’t fall on deaf ears. Great job team


NICE! Now don’t touch DME and we’re in business.

Thanks for your contribution to this topic!

Can we get a yes or no on buffing meme specs. A lot of us are deciding if we’re going to even bother playing if it’s just going to be stacking Meta classes, again.


Found the guy with 18 Hunter scout alts, cry more

Good changes. Thank you!

This is a huge win! Wish lotus were all drop chance but we’ll take what we can get!

This should be the approach of all things - crystals, gear drop rates and amount of gear dropping etc - with the timeline being reduced you have to increase the availability of resources otherwise the game will die

I had a hunter scout alt (lvl 60) from p2-p6. Farmed 1000+ black lotus. Spent months fighting against, and organizing with, the “mafias” and coalitions that formed on my server.

If curious about any of it, just ask. I had a blast the entire time.

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Not really that curious, just want the meta dead. Now it is

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Sounds fun for some, but for the majority of players, it’s great news Blizzard is at least attempting to curb those kind of things. They’re just not a healthy part of an MMO community- by definition it’s a parasitic system.