Addons seriously


calm down Karen…

(Summerayné) #10

I disagree with this.

While addons can be beneficial, they aren’t a necessity in playing the game and the game is perfectly fully functional without them. I have played the game a number of times without any addons at all and did just fine. They are a convenience. I know many healers have always used healing addons as an example. I haven’t ever used a healing addon in my almost 14 years playing this game and I was one of our best raid healers back in Vanilla.

So again, while they can be beneficial, even some are fun, they aren’t a necessity, although I’m sure some people feel they are.


don’t use them then. like how many brain cells do you have? blizzard doesn’t make the addons or have anything to do with them. you have no concept about anything at all and you whine and complain like an entitled brat. get over yourself.

(Espure) #12

I’m pretty sure this same guy considers using addons, “cheating”. So if he’s serious then he wants to “cheat” too.


nah, i use all the addons. they’re just not blizzards responsibility.

i just hate stupidity and ignorance.

(Crispercake) #14

It’s already been said many times when blizzard higher difficulty raids that they design them expecting people to use certain addons. If you do any higher lvl raiding or pvp they are completely necessary.

(Espure) #15

No, the OP. I believe it’s the same person that was calling anyone using them cheaters.

In live WoW yes - but not in vanilla. They weren’t designed that way back then.

(Crispercake) #16

blizzard reviews them and determines if they are acceptable to use. What do you mean they have nothing to do with addons. Addons have a huge impact on their game they should all be available for download from blizzards own launcher or atleast their website.

(Summerayné) #17

Out of curiosity, where has this been said? I’m not trying to be sarcastic, genuinely curious. Link?

And I raided in Vanilla quite a bit. On a druid and later a warlock as well. Raided Ony, MC, ZG, some AQ20 and BWL. The only addon I remember being really beneficial to me was a threat meter, but I’m sure I would have learned my way around threat perfectly fine without it if needed.

I had a pc back then that was not suited for 40 man raiding by any means so I had to play the game pretty much bare without addons and did perfectly fine. I did use the threat meter though as I said. My pc couldn’t handle 40 man raids, being and TS and running addons all at the same time and I really did just fine raiding.

(Espure) #18

Blizzard only gives developers the tools and ensures they don’t break any rules. They don’t actually do anything else with them, it’s up to the mod authors and users to fix their own problems with them.

Thus Blizzard won’t ever endorse anything.

(Espure) #19

I don’t think it was ever explicitly stated, but there are a number of mechanics in modern WoW that are almost impossible without DBM.


So have we officially pivoted to “I just want X addons banned” yet?

(Ziryus) #21

Why don’t I have to use a monitor mouse or keyboard supplied by blizzard.


I’ve never use add-ons, and that includes when I was doing arena in WOTLK.
I got to the top of the rogue-disc 2v2 bracket, and we started getting paired against the plate-resto teams which dominated the 2k+ ratings at that time.

I would suggest that the only people who say that add-ons are completely necessary for pvp, are the ones who have used them for so long that they feel naked without them.

(Priapis) #23

Retail wow doesn’t need them because it pops up their own raid messages like DBM.

(Espure) #24

On harder difficulties. For Archimonde from HFC for example, it was almost impossible to do a specific mechanic on mythic without a DBM addon.

(Summerayné) #25

I will admit that I haven’t done any actual raiding in this game since BC. It just doesn’t interest me anymore. The most I have done is a LFR here and there and some dungeons. I haven’t set foot into one mythic.

My experience with LFR and dungeons in live is it’s basically an aoe fest where you use DBM to not stand in stuff, pretty much it. About the only mechanics I noticed was move here and move there. I honestly hated it. But again, that is from dungeons and LFR. I won’t try to speak as to how it is with mythics.

(Crispercake) #26

They might not be completely necessary but they can give you advantages by arranging information in a more visible form.

As far as I am concerned addon’s are just setting in the game that aren’t immediately available. I just want to be able to get them from blizzard’s on launcher or atleast download them from their own website.

I feel like I am being forced to go through third parties when they should be available form blizzard themselves.

(Espure) #27

That’s true for pretty much every difficulty and to a lesser extent heroic, but not true of Mythic. It’s extremely mechanic heavy and there are a lot of mechanics designed specifically with DBM in mind.

The mechanic with Archimonde for example targets every single raid member and fires a beam to another random member with only a few seconds to orient yourself, as you’re going to have 10 beams firing in almost random directions. As you can tell without the addon (the world first guilds had to do it without it) it took hundreds of tries to actually get lucky with not clipping people and killing them. With the addon it shows a location dot and all the other lines about to fire out.

I can’t stand LFR and the easier difficulty of everything, so having a nice challenge in Classic is something I look forward to.

(Priapis) #28

You aren’t forced to go through 3rd parties because you aren’t forced to use addons.