Additional PvP Gameplay Now Testable - April 19

We’ve enabled Battlegrounds and Arena Skirmishes on the Badge of Justice realm, allowing those activities to be tested at level 70 with template characters.

Speak to Donjon in Shattrath to be sent to Orgrimmar or Stormwind, where you’ll find “King” Dond offering gear suitable for PvP.

Can we get some actual pvp gear? My paladin isn’t going to do well with the leather and mail you’ve put in my starting bags. Even worse holy has to use cloth. It’s a bloodbath.

reading is hard


So is testing, apparently. You only get 6 pieces dude, leaving some pretty subpar slots.


Where do i go to get max rep?

Can you enable same faction arena? Currently horde is only vs’ing alliance etc. This is hurting queue times and of course a bug if we’re comparing to basically the entire lifetime of WoW arena where same faction competed against each other.

Can we please get full pvp sets? My elemental shaman is currently using a cloth belt with no stamina.

still missing plenty of pvp pieces

like, we are here to test, why are you skimping out on the gear choices?


disconnected btw

I feel bad for Warriors…

The Halls of Champions/Legends are really broken. Getting 0-1 fps the whole time in there and game crashes when initially teleporting.


Can second that the Hall of Legends is causing freezing and game crashes. I have 4 characters stuck in the Hall that I cannot log into because my game crashes. I also cannot get the pvp gear on any new characters I make, as that requires me to enter the Hall of Legends. 12 hours ago I had no issues in the Hall but as of three hours ago my game freezes up and stop responding inside of the Hall.

Champion’s hall is crashing

not enough people queing battlegrounds, maybe close arenas for a couple days to push them into it?