Add Gorehowl to WoD timewalking


I’m very annoyed by the fact that blizzard has not respond to my questions for WoD timewalking ETA on the PTR servers.

but that’s not going to stop me from throwing my ideas around so I’m asking that this Legendary weapon is gained from a large amount for timewalking badges at least 10k in total. its an extremely popular weapon in this game and the fanbase wants the latest model for this weapon not the old one from karazan.


I have the original from Gruul.

(Shadina) #3

Just go run Kara. Gorehowl has remained the same throughout its entire iteration. Killing Prince Malchazar in Karazhan will give you chances at Gorehowl.


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you clearly did not read all that I said. the fanbase wants the new model Gorehowl that was seen in warlords of draenor expansion.

(Shadina) #6

You said this.

Nowhere in what I’ve quoted do you say this. I’m not dating you. Don’t expect me to read your mind.

Latest model = the model from Kara.
A new model is not the latest model.


Edit: And further, do not go and speak for other people. Do not say “the fanbase” when you mean you. That’s basic common sense.


also this post does not belong on any forums. keep political matters off the Blizzard forums.

(Brujanna) #8

Beep boop it wasn’t acquirable during WoD, they haven’t done what you’re requesting with any other weapon model for any other expansion’s timewalking, so why start now?

Be glad there’s a version you can farm in original Kara at all.