Activision Login Fast Pass

Here’s an idea that I think we can all universally get behind, Activision could sell login queue fast passes for each phase.

Preference should of course go to content creators and those early adapters of the social contract.

Can i get a discount on my sub if i get a slowpass?

2/10 troll. Try harder


sounds like someone’s social credit is a bit too low to purchase. It’s ok, just gotta buy the season pass for blizz rep grind.

No, but you can get a discount on your sub if you stop playing WOTLK and go to retail.

Reported for troll post. Nice name

fly proud brave warrior

I can see this working well for Activision, but not for the players. The last thing we want on our servers are more entitled brick-heads that think because they pay more that they deserve more.

lol no /10characters

money talks…

I think they should actually put us in a slower queue by default and sell us the current queue speed.

Blizz my number is 867-5309 give me a call for more ideas.

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