Active Horde RP guilds?

My buddy and I are trying to find a suitable source of a creative outlet and made the move to come back to RP in WoW after a long hiatus. We’re a bit shocked to find the general community of guilds on Wyrmrest Accord to be small and seemingly niche. We’re unsure if this is merely because of the holidays or if Horde RP is just dying out in general.

Just wanted to get opinions on what is happening, what guilds are around and what not. We generally prefer western Horde aligned guilds, stuff that would involved Orcs, Tauren, Trolls and the culture that all three kind of have, similarities and differences alike.

We’re not interested in any shape or form in leading a guild either, which I understand limits our abilities to choose what we want to do. If it comes to either not finding a guild and needing to lead our own, we’ll just find a different RP outlet than WoW.

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The Horde Guild Directory is here to help!

Southfury Watch, Sons of Varok, Thunderhowl Clan, and several others spring to mind. Good luck in your search.

Thanks for the shoutout Tamani!

To the OP: can I interest you in some Red Dust and Honor? Thank you SFW


Caitrok - people might not be logging on right now in droves due to the holiday. WrA is actually the most populated RP server I’ve seen - even in my original server’s heyday it wasn’t this bustling. Maybe you’ve been on during off-hours?

In any case, welcome back! I hope you and your friend find what you’re looking for. I see a TON of Orc/Tauren/Troll guilds being advertised in trade. There’s also a good deal of them in the new Guild Search pane.

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Can confirm that the Holidays typically drive everything low. Ever since Black Friday people have been on way less and less. Everything will pick back up in good time, especially with the patch in 8.3. I’m not sure if the Vol’kar is what you and your pals would be interested in, but I’m obligated to show: The Vol'kar Legion [H-RP-PvX] under reconstruction!

In any case, WrA has a good RP community that is a bit out of the way. Orgrimmar has become more and more infested with non-RP, trolling and toys, and off-realm phasing in. I wish there was a push to create a new RP hub that wasn’t Orgrimmar’s one valley or Silvermoon City- but it is what it is. Once you get established and meet people out in the world, everything feels far more lively.

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Thanks for all the responses! I’ll definitely take a look around a little more and try to wait out the holiday hiatus. Thanks again!