Active all races Horde RP guilds?

Hi. I’m just looking to make or move a few characters here and am looking for Horde a guild that accepts all races and isn’t heavily slanted towards one race’s lore. I’ve found a few, but they don’t really seem to be all that active anymore. Theme isn’t too important. Any help would be welcome. Thanks!

I’ve been looking for this too. I just took up WoW again and my old RP spot of Silvermoon is a Ghost Town now :frowning:

Try Briarthorn Santuary or Hearthstone Tribe. Both very active guilds with a ‘sanctuary for all sorts’ type theme. They don’t advertise on forums much, but they should be on Guild Finder. If not, just contact Revamoo or Jabtrah (respectively) in person.


Thank you! This was very helpful!