Actions to Reduce Disruption

yea, thats a really vague statement. i wish they’d just offer a straightforward, clear policy rather than “report people who are abusing the report function, it will work fine!”.


lets not be naïve here we all know the only reason these cross factions groups are doing this is to limit the number of mounts and once the event is officially ended theyll all disappear and stop disrupting the zones

its all about keeping the mount for their own selfish bragging rights to lord it over others by showing them off as a constant reminder of how this is “their” game

funny i thought these events were meant for everyone not just the ones that decided who is allowed to be there


There is this…

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you forgot

Seems like they are working to get the scepter as fast as possible so that people can stop being bored with current content and move onto new content, which requires a scepter to be made.

Or how do you explain all the people working to get the scepter as deputies with no chance at the mount themselves?

The scepter was NEVER meant to be for everyone it was meant to be for the top raiding guild(s) on the server to do and start the war event for everyone else on the server…

There is a reason it is the only legendary mount in the game, it was supposed to be for 1 maybe 2 player(s) per realm.


oh, im just pointing out the… “they werent banned because of of false reports even though we discovered they were making them anyways” statement, which is both confusing and entertaining.


Sounds like a lot of accusations with no proof from you.

Seems you are the one lying.


This isn’t true, I think it would probably be wise that you stop with the misinformation here. The Blues that had to come in to work on their Saturday to dispel a bunch of nonsense are probably not in the mood to deal with more.


I can provide screenshots of the conversation with customer support if you wish. I’ll also leave a link to my entire playlist for season 9, in which I was reported and suspended for hero choice.

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How funny. My posts being mass flagged on a post about unjustified player reports.

Stay hilarious Blizzard forums.


well if Blizzard staff had been doing their job in the first place and making sure the AQ event wasnt being disrupted to keep the players out of the zone unless they were part of the right groups and guilds then they wouldntve had their weekend ruined

put the blame where it belongs on the players purposely destroying the game play of others for their own gain as well as the Blizzard staff for not taking the matter as serious as they shouldve in the first place

the AQ event is supposed to be for everyone not just the select few that take it upon themselves to choose who is and isnt allowed to take part in the mount obtaining


That isn’t fair. They’re doing their job. I’m sure they like their job. There are policies that they have to follow, I’m sure. To put the blame on the staff itself is incredibly unfair. This isn’t the mirror copy of the original event, it’s an organic on going situation that they’ll have to work through. There will be growing pains most definitely as they try to overcome the ever expanding efforts of certain players to be malicious. There’s no way they could foresee every possible situation and create an action plan to address it.


Kill the opposite faction.

Kill them.

“Misinformation?” HA! I tell you the true of the system and you reject it. That’s fine - it’s the world we live in. Customer Service does not look into player reports in any proactive manner, the system is automated, and they only conduct after-the-fact reviews of suspension to cut down on cost. It’s fine if you don’t believe me I really don’t mind.

They are working from home. They didn’t have to “come in” anywhere.

[edit:] also the forum staff aren’t the same as the customer service staff.


Pretty unrealistic odds that one can somehow get a group together large enough to stop the most-geared and coordinated guilds on the server. “Win the coordination lottery” is not a solution.

That’d be like saying common workers can solve the problem of billionaires by simply becoming billionaires themselves. The people with the power keep the power when the system strictly supports their ability to keep it from everyone else.

Classic’s “community” has become a laughingstock.


It’s quite fair to hold both players and Blizzard accountable.


Its the 1% vs 1% in this case. It isnt casual guilds who go to these lengths to disrupt peoples gameplay. Get a clue.


Welcome to competition. Sorry for your loss.

Actually, common workers have a much easier time becoming filthy rich because clever exploitation of the market is open to a lot of creativity. In a gaming environment, our options are strictly limited. Also… really? You had to reach for a wealth inequality analogy? /giggle

Umm… this is very authentic to Vanilla if you played on any of the bigger servers.