Action Bar paging no longer works

As of the recent patch I can’t page my action bars, for example, holding shift and pressing the up key on my keyboard would change my action bar to bar 2 from bar 1, it no longer dose this, which is super annoying. I really need this to be fixed soon™ as I have a lot out of combat stuff I like to use on my bar 2.


I believe in other posts today people said you need to change it in your settings.

The Key Bindings for selecting a specific action bar page (shift+1-6), paging forward (shift+mousewheel up), and paging backward (shift+mousewheel down) have been reset. These can be re-bound in the Action Bar section of the Key Bindings menu.


That fixed it, it was completely unbound for some reason, it has been bound for me since I started years ago, thanks.

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Man this threw me through a loop I thought I was screwed, I try to keep only 2 action bars visible. I swear I looked everywhere Ill double check action bars after reset thx.

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Nope, not reset. Just obliterated. I never changed these keybinds and they were just unset.

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Thank you for posting this question and for the response. I was so frustrated since the patch without action bar paging, but I was blaming it on my action bar addon… I didn’t realize it was my default key binding that was reset.

Thanks again! :smiley:


Would have been nice to have a notification of reset…I spent almost an hour yesterday updating and checking all my addons to see if one of them was the culprit…sadly it did not occur to me that Bliz would ‘reset’ the ui and keybindings.


Why would you make a change to the default game keybinds like this?



It’s not just that it HAS reset, it KEEPS RESETTING!!! At least 3 times now in the past week alone!!!

Please fix this bug!!

Search the forums, had me stumped last night when I reinstalled the game… Fixed now and happy.

This still seems to be a problem in Classic.

Up until now, I have just been using the arrow buttons in the default UI to switch between bar 1 (my solo/pvp/dps bar) and bar2 (my healing bar) and it’s no biggie… But I just recently installed Bartender4 and when you remove the ‘Blizzard Art’ bar, it also gets rid of the arrows.

So, shift+mwheel-up and shift+mwheel-down don’t work for switching between bar1 and bar2 (nor does shift+uparrow/downarrow). I also tried binding them to completely different keys and still no joy. The keybinds are set in the keybind section to both (mwheel and arrows) but it’s just not actially working. Even with Bartender disabled and back to the defaul UI, it still isn’t working.

I like Bartender a lot, gives me much more screen space and lets me arrange things how I like. But I need to be able to switch the main action bar between 1 and 2. Any ideas?

Old thread and wrong forum, but make sure you set the key binds to the roght setting. As well, when using BT and Dominos, paging behavior is changed by addon settings. For dominos i had to hide all bars (make them active but not displayed) and change a couple other settings i dont recall exactly which. IIRC BT paging settings were more apparent visible than dominos but still kind of stashed away.

It never worked for me every time i tried it since Cata. The binding just didn’t exist.

I figured they removed it.