Actibliz, for the love of Azeroth, GET RID OF LAYERING

They’re out there, Eloraell, and they’re only getting stronger… :skull:

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Its more about:

We’re sick of responding with the same things to the same points on a post by a “brand new” alt or poster, who hasn’t read any of the rebuttals because they consider their opinion to be new and insightful, despite the fact that we’ve read the same thing a hundred times in only the last few weeks.

So we make fun.

EDIT: Also, were you on Realm 3?

You’re entirely entitled to do that. Haha keep the salt flowing. And ya I was on realm 3.

It does take away from gameplay. I also don’t know what time and what server you were playing on but generally there were too many people in the areas I was playing. The realms were literally unplayable for a time after they reduced the servers down to two.

I’m sorry, I thought you actually wanted someone to read what you wrote. It seems you were more interested in textual self-satisfaction. Carry on.

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Realm 3 was (as far as we can tell) set up to see whether you would feel this way. Low pop layers with far more of them, than Realm 15 which had high layer populations and low counts.

This was the point of the stress test. To put different people into different conditions and see how they felt about them.

Read this thread (and comment) for more information:

Those wall of text crits need to be nerfed.

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I am really getting bored of these topics.
Layering will be in just learn to accept the truth of it.
Blizzard will use it to combat the population drop off issue and that is that.

No amount of screaming about it will make them screw the game in the long term just so a few misguided neckbeards can be happy about the launch being a miserable chaotic piece of garbage.

I’d be interested to know (not that we likely will ever know) if this was due to die-off/loss of interest, or if Blizz was actively implementing, tweaking, updating, etc. the layering tech.

“Okay, down to two servers… yeah, it’s a total pooch-screw. Let’s dial up layering to, say, 200 people per zone? Make it happen. … Okay, much more playable, people are tagging and questing, no bugs, no lag, etc. …”

I suspect it was this, but can’t be certain. Overall, I had a very enjoyable playing experience. I played more or less interruption-free from 3pm PST to about 730 PST- had one unexpected disco, and one Server-announced disco, but logged right back in. Had two minutes the entire time where I had loot and chat lag, but never again.

I logged back in at about 11pm on a new toon and played for almost two hours- zero issues, and the starting zone was healthy-packed. Some mob/spawn competition, but nothing that set me back more than a few minutes.

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I assumed you were reading forum posts because you had nothing better to do. Apparently I was wrong. You were looking to critique someone’s grammar.

I literally just wrote this five minutes ago to another new “get rid of layering” post.

There’s a very good post that was recently written with links to videos and very good examples on exploiting layering. Perhaps post in that one?

Someone linked one of swifty’s video showing his experience in the feedback thread and that was just the same thing as I was experiencing. I ended up just giving up.

Maybe state what areas you were playing in because difference racial areas have different population densities. The night elf area earlier today once you got out of the starting area had very miminal population, but the human area which my night elf moved to had too many people every time I played.

I wonder just how big their layers are, i.e the entire game ? There are lots of night elfs playing in the human areas, maybe the layering system can’t adjust for that sort of migration.

Ya, that definitely makes sense. I wasn’t aware they were doing testing in that way yesterday. Thank you for relating that information.

Both were Realm 3. Early session was in Mulgore (Red Cloud Mesa, and later Mulgore-proper, with a terminus in Camp T). For the later session I deleted the toon and rolled up a dwarf (Coldridge Valley, stopped when I got to Kharanos). The dwarven toon saw a lot more itinerant players presumably due to the dwarves and gnomes sharing the noobie yard.

It’s called a “period”, you colonials :slight_smile:

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Only in one highly rebellious colony who decided they needed to mangle the language in order to pretend they weren’t English.


Lol, yep can’t even deny it either.

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I left retail for much the same reasons as thread starter. Not dungeon design, not world design, but the lack of community, lack of servers, sharding, phasing, what have you.

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I’m an author. I’m ALWAYS looking to critique someone’s grammar. Especially in a text-based environment, where what you write and how you write it directly translates to how easy it is for readers to comprehend what you are writing.

I mean, who knows? You could have actually had a point to make, or a sound argument, but when your post looks like a tween mashed it into their cellphone, making some nonsensical rant on facebook that either has something to do with a game, how Becky is a total sl*t for looking at Tommy that way, or instructions on how to summon the Great Old Ones, but you can’t tell one way or the other because you’re faced with a massive block of text?

It devalues any argument you might have had, the same as when you see someone bringing out a tin foil hat to keep the CIA from reading their mind and reporting them to the lizard-people who are ruling the world through the Illuminati and the Deep State.