[A]<ChaosTheory> 7/10H RLead LF HEALS AND DPS Mythic Roster

El bumpo posto

bumpo. great team, making great steady progress!

Come join us! Need big melee deeps

Disc priest covered, everything else needed!

hello im looking to switch back to alliance. and looking for a good server and guild that I can have fun and grow with please send a message Zamyatin#1632 ill have to transfer my guy

Eye beam goes brrrr

Less than 8 spots to fill not counting people interested that have not responded back yet! Come join us for some good times!

Eye beam goes brrrr

Where the warlocks and DKs at?!?

Eye beam goes brrrr

New Boot Goofin: Return of the Bump

Still need that warlock and DK

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New boot Goofinity and beyond

Dope :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Genuine ostrich, 3 payments

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