Accumulating Mist doesn't work on allies

While messing around with MW talents, I was intrigued by zen pulse, namely the Accumulating Mists talent (25k damage per target on uncapped aoe sounds pretty good) However, it only appears to work when casting on myself, not others. This kind of makes the talent…real bad and not worth it ever imo. I see that someone reported something similar around 23 days ago, but no response, and nothing under the current “Known Issues”, so i figured I’d make a new thread for visibility.


same issue i submitted it as a bug and tried to make a ticket but haven’t received anything back as of yet. i hope this can be fixed because i think its an awesome talent and i hate the other option XD so it not functioning kills both it and zen pulse for me

wouldnt mind if they lowered the cd on zen pulse to 15 seconds while they are at it or at least made it aoe heal