Account Wide Zones

Are the Broken Isle zones account-wide? Like if I use one character to finish Azuna and another to complete Val’Sharah and so on… Does all of that count towards the prerequisites to unlock some of the allied races like the Void Elf? Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, it’s complicated.

First, none of the Legion allied races require completing every zone at all. But, all but Highmountain Tauren do require unlocking world quests which means one character will have to do enough questing in each zone to get to friendly with each of the 5 factions. (After one character does the World Quest unlock that requires rep, any later characters get a version of the quest they can just turn back in.)

For the BfA allied races (except Vulpera) you’ll again need to unlock World Quests, which means one character needs to get to friendly with the 3 zones. Also, for Kul Tiran and Zandalari Trolls, you need to do the full leveling campaign, including a coda questline that only opens up after you’ve done the main story in the 3 other zones on your first character. (The good news there is that once you’ve done it, your other characters can jump right into the coda questline — even on the other faction.)

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