Account wide hunter pets?

Has anyone heard about them making pets account wide in dragonflight, for hunters?

I have a lowbie hunter and a 60 hunter. I’d love for the lowbie to be able to use the mechanical dogs. He can’t tame them as he is too low.

No, I don’t want to level the lowbie. He’s 20 and I use him when I’m playing the free version of the game.

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i dont think theres any chance of that ever happening. however, there should be some robo dogs you can tame at low level. idk how leveling works with mechagon, but there should be some in tiragarde sound that are tamable.

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Yeah the dogs were what I wanted to use as my lowbie.

What’s weird is that the rest of the mobs are scaled to level 20, but the dogs aren’t so you can’t tame them. I tried it and it didn’t work.

I personally would like this but I do recognize that it would cause a week of headaches getting rid of duplicates and all that.

Only gnomes and goblins can tame mechanical pets unless you learn the ability through an item . You should be able to purchase it on the auction house. Legion Engineers craft the item.

Edit: The item you need is Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix.

They won’t do that bcause its pointless, as once you reach a certain level you can go and tame said pets with ease.

No, you misunderstand me. My lowbie is a mechagnome, so he can tame them, but he is too low. The dog’s level did not sync with his, unlike other mobs.

Thus I can’t use him, though my 60 hunter has already caught all the dogs.

Prob too bug prone w/o enough benefit.

Would also lowkey force an infinite pet stable.

I’ve always hoped Pets got added to the collection tabs like say Toys/Mounts.

Then the dog’s level should sync with my lowbie’s, like the other mobs. But that is not the case.