Account wide glad mounts on SL latest patch

I’ve lost respect for the title, and now losing it on the mount, too.

I see why everyone hates this change. I really dont care, the title and mount really dont mean anything as far as skill anyways.

I’m just surprised Chris K didn’t push mounts being rewarded from RBGs

But then again there’s still plenty of time until SL

Yo real talk really wish they’d overhaul rated bgs and make it a set pool of like WSG Arathi only and do updated rewards. Sometimes I just wanna carry egirls and not q with them in 2s because god they’re so bad.

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If anything the real account-wide change that should have been were the MoP/WoD CM teleports (not meaning class sets though). Talked with someone on the forums looking for a quicker way to the vale. They did mop CMs but the teleport was on another character. All that wasted time that could have been saved for making it account-wide. Also would free up people from playing on old mains they don’t enjoy anymore cause it has transportation functionality.

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While they’re at it can I get high warlord account wide since I haven’t played that feral even semi seriously since cata?

all past glad mounts become account wide or just shadowland ones?

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This is a really cool ch…


I don’t think anyone with a gladiator mount asked for/wants this. Revert the changes.


Grats, locks.


its official Gladiator Mounts in Shadowlands

who cares as long as PvP is actually fun again

Probably people with glad mounts.

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Thats so true man, its a very very bad change, it just remove my objective to q, im pvp player and always push for r1 on my main, but it’s fun to farm the mount on my alt with my friend, its just created content, and now for no reason, they removed it, again good job blizzard.


why play your main when you can get the mount on fotm? for example. For the future this is going to destroy any sense of off meta comps queueing lmao.

next expansion: gladiator titles account wide.

We’re one step away from CR = Access to Historical elite pvp vendor. (ex: buying cata elite because you’re 1800 in SL)

edit: wow my ideas sound so muhc like something blizzard would do I triggered myself.

I can NOT believe people dont like this change? Are you all owners of a glad mount? How do you not like it? If you do not have a glad mount you can not speak on this. I go on my alts and rude around on mounts that do not interest me when my main has three glad mounts, I worked my a$% off to get that mount and i should be able to use it on other characters. Like im so angry at all you guys. This is a good change and doesnt do anything to gameplay so stop complaining. PVErs get their mounts on all characters, yes its easier to get that but it still has the same concept of well you got it on one class… so it makes no sense to use that argument on glad mounts.


P.S. disregarded all grammar and sentence structure here because im so angry that you guys dont want this change.

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no it’s a bad change

if you wanna be one of the 100,000 people with a dread mount or two becoming one of the 1,000,000 characters afk on a dread mount thats fine
just say it

but you’re short sighted if you think this wont reduce participation and make the ladder even more inactive


Properly balancing PvP and making it fun to play is where we should start if we’re talking about participation. I know most of you guys won’t believe this, but it’s possible to play and have fun in wow arenas if you take the time to build a network of friends who also have fun playing the game. I think this is a good change, but maybe the current expac mounts should stay character specific until the next expac comes out. I think that’s a happy compromise.

sooo account wide dreadflame enchant? why are gladiator mounts accountwide but the enchant is not? seems ridiculous


I’d like my Mistwalker title account wide too if they’re going through with this.

yeah idk I thought that too. The mount is way more prestigious than the enchant, might as well make it all account wide if this is the route they want to go down

apparently r1 titles are account wide on the beta as well, though nobody knows if it’s intentional