Account wide glad mounts on SL latest patch

scroll down a bit to the pile of green text on mmo champ.

I’m personally not a fan of this

edit: its official Gladiator Mounts in Shadowlands


I bet this stings a lot for people crowded out of glad rankings in seasons before bfa, cause the top players loved to play alts. All those mounts they could have gotten just burned.

bad change hate this

all this does is remove incentive to queue for a lot of people

making the enchant character specific for earning x rating this xpac was a step in the right direction
if you cared about it / wanted it you had to play whatever characters you wanted it on

that’s a bad example because it’s like 2k but this will just make most people q less things less often because there’s no reward


No more reason not to play a Warlock to glad, I guess.


You at all care about the 8.2 rank 4 essence title, azeroth’s champion? If not then yeah looking like how you say. % of destro just keeps on climbing each month, obviously cause it works.

first thing i thought of. i might have a legion drake if this happened last expansion, got boxed out hard in the 24-500 range by glad alts

Weird that WoWhead didn’t mention it. Anyone with beta wanna test and see if it’s not just bad datamining?

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Preferably I would have just made only bfa and onward mounts be the glad mounts made account-wide. I have none of them but I know there are going to be some salty people wondering what their rating would have been had this been in for the account-wide change (back in mop I think?).

Everyone I que with is glad alts… this is my way to force them to play with me :rage: bad change


Except the enchant looks like :poop::poop: so no one really wants it…

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Chris K liked a tweet expressing excitement over the change… so I’m guessing it is legit.

Legion WoD and MoP enchants were good bfa was the first bad one. Its weird how every1 bashes the enchants when have you seen the base pve enchants theyre all uggo as fug compared to pvp ones.

This change I have mixed feelings about if it was BFA only mounts + then it would be okay. Problem is this kinda enforces qing as a meta class like destro just so you can reap the rewards on your main. Kinda enforces the hey make a destro get the rewards then never q again if thats what you want instead of people grinding and really perfecting their main.

No one is gonna look at som1 with a corrupted glad mount on a destro player and be like wow theyre good! They’ll see an enhance sham and be like bro arent u just like a free kill in that season and think its cool. Devalues non meta class glads hard imo.


Illusions these days are crowded out these days with all the latent weapon effects and spells. Rarely see them. Also alot of people tend to use their artifacts (Mage tower mostly) so that killed a big reason to not aim for it, cause you couldn’t use it.

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Ok so they make alts unplayable due to a huge barrier to entry presumably to keep people interested and playing then they do stuff like this which discourages players from playing multiple characters. They actually have it completely backwards what a joke.

I guarantee more people would use it if it didnt look like my 4 year old made it.


True, also half the time I have open up my appearance journal to even know what they are. Only familiar with vanilla to wrath enchants. Maybe just me but I wouldn’t doubt a lot of people are like swine before pearls (a big failing for a lot cool rewards these days). Don’t know how people can change that. Won’t care to farm for something if I don’t know what it took to get, or what it represents.

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Yep, and here we are almost 16 years later and enchants still don’t have a visual on ranged weapons. LOL.


They don’t at least have effects on arrows right? I know my bullets/arrows on hunter mage tower (could be all artifacts) look different from base ranged attack.

This is a bad change. Devalues Mount further after the 2400 hard cap change. Sad to see. If anything I’d agree with allowing alts of the same class you got glad on to use the same mount.

bad change for sure
we need every system in the game to try and force everybody to pvp on as many characters as possible
i wanna see the world first race pump minimum 300 characters who otherwise wouldn’t pvp into the ladder and up to duelist

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