Account rewards for 60

game version has no version improvements, the customer service are chat GPT bots

all its doing is borrowing from existing servers operated by retail

ya unsupported

I meant new players from classic era or retail. Just something to get them to try out hard core.

I’m a newish WoW player who recently made the switch from retail to Classic HC. I didn’t know before I tried it, that I preferred it over retail. Lived on the PTR, but never tried BS.

I think anything to encourage people to participate is a good thing.

Achievements are the dumbest thing to be added to videogames in the past 20 years.

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its not that big of a deal mate lol

Tell you what. Get to 60 and we’ll talk about it again.

Official Hardcore servers are not in retail and that game mode has a few added differences.
There is customer service. It may not be the best but it’s there.

ya supported
But cheer up perhaps Blizz will give you a cute lil zonkey for tooling around in HC.

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oh you know he felt powerful typing this. dude thinks because classic is back that the forums are also like the classic forums, get a life my guy

you had one in SoM not blizzards fault you missed it

You also get the soul of iron buff once you have got to 60. Get your lock or paladin to 60? Good idea to just park it there. No need to risk losing everything on the epic mount quest that may or may not kill you if you d/c or glitch during the grind.

You get a nice big gold statue of you sitting outside the capital city of your choice.

There’s no Tmog in Era, what do the people who don’t play retail get?

You get the SoI buff any time you feel like.

Account wide achievements for this actually make a lot of sense and would help Blizzard milk the most sub/game time possible out of HC.

They should:

  1. create a title you get for hitting 60 on anything and make it account wide and accessible in any WoW version that has titles

  2. create a class themed mount for every vanilla class, but useable on anything, and reward that mount for getting that class to 60. That way you’d have a reason to try to level every single class to 60 if you wanted all the mounts

Basically, mage tower the heck out of HC reward wise if you want it to have more value.

The haters saying go back to retail need to take another look around at where they are. This isn’t classic vanilla where the excuses to keep it separate from retail reward wise really make any sense anymore (and they really didn’t then either, they just kept them separate reward wise to placate they classic purists who had an irrational hatred of anything related to retail). It’s a specialized challenge mode. It makes sense to have cosmetic rewards for beating a challenge mode.

No, they don’t.

Your account isn’t Hardcorpse.

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Yes, they do.

no takebacks

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Good grief, more retail crap.


I would support, at the very least, a title. Titles are not cumbersome or overbearing.
These are some ideas from ChatGPT:

1. [Name], Immortal Pioneer
2. [Name], the Unyielding
3. [Name], Eternity’s Champion
4. [Name], the Perseverant
5. Flawless [Name]
6. [Name], Survivor of Azeroth
7. [Name], Fate’s Favorite
8. Everlasting [Name]
9. [Name], the Unfallen
10. [Name], Azeroth’s Endurer
11. Timeless [Name]
12. [Name], Death’s Defier
13. [Name], Legacy Unbroken
14. [Name], of the Undying Spirit
15. [Name], the Lifelast
16. [Name], the Unscarred

I insist the title for lvl 60 in Hardcorpse be: the Participant.


It’s not bad, but it’s not necessarily indicative of winning the hardcore marathon. A level 1 who dies to a starting area wolf (somehow) is also a participant of hardcore, but not necessarily a finisher haha. :eyes:

There are no winners in that race.

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