Account Hacked

just trying to get some extra exposure to my issue of my main account being hacked. I have a ticket created, just trying to get extra attention out there since the ticket system has been extremely slow over covid and everyday i dont have my account its another day in the hands of the hacker.

Had to level up this guy in order to even post on the forums

No extra attention will be given by posting in the forums. Putting in the ticket is the first step after that you just have to wait. They will restore what they did and replace what was done just have to be patient.

Make sure you secure you computer and email while you wait.

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I’m afraid there is no way to speed up your ticket response, Thoryryr, that would be unfair to the others who are in the same situation who didn’t ping the forums or twitter.

Keep in mind, account compromise tickets are already treated as priority, so they are already getting looked into as quickly as they can be.

When creating a ticket, especially if you are doing so without being able to log in, be sure to write down your ticket ID for reference if you need it later.


I did not receive an original ticket ID with my first report when i reported it without the original email address attached to the account since it was changed by the original hacker. Not sure if my ticket is in there twice under two different accounts since im not sure the automated system sent me anything when i had to go through the “i dont want to use an email” response for the first report.

I have a secondary ticket ID attached to this second account and did receive a ticket ID with this email.

Just for clarification, while you may not have received an email on the final screen, when you submit a ticket should provide the summary of your ticket and the ticket ID. If it does not, you may not have successfully submit the ticket.

I wouldn’t be able to see the first ticket without the ticket ID, but I can see the one you submit under this account. From what I can see the entity that compromised the account appears to have gotten caught, so the account is currently closed.

The compromise investigation, once they get to your ticket, should allow them to verify the compromise, overturn the action, repair what damage may have happened at the time and return control to you.

Be sure to add an Authenticator when you regain control, that should help prevent this from happening again.


Sorry for the late reply, i guess as long as one account has a ticket ID with the generic issue for the team to contact me whether it was with the now unregistered email due to the hacker changing the information (1st ticket submission attempt) or this fresh account i used to reach out(2nd submission attempt), it doesnt matter which one is answered as long as they are both me.

I appreciate the extra info and apologize if i came off rude, this is the most information ive received from anyone from blizzard yet as an account this old has alot of progress on it and its extremely frustrating and has causedanxiety fueled emotions since it occured. I appreciate the extra info you provided and it at least i have some closure knowing the account is currently closed and nobody is using it.

I will get an authenticator immediately on getting repossession of my account. Thank you for your time.

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Make sure that you’ve secured your computer and e-mail address too. These criminals like to do as much damage as possible and are happy to try and re-compromise accounts.

Scan your computer for malicious software with something like MalwareBytes to see if you’ve picked up anything nasty along the way. Their free version is great!

Be sure to change the password to your e-mail address and add an authenticator to it if your provider supports that too.


I changed my password on my email and secured it with my mobile phone.

Crazy thing is i did take someone up on that malwarebytes download and it found nothing.

Thank you for the advice, definitely getting an autheticator after this experience.

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its very possible that the compromise was from a completely different service you use. if they manage to get into your email they could of just started going through emails and seeing if they could log in to any service you had emails from with the same email/user name password. part of why you want to have a different password for every service you use so that even if 1 is gotten into they cant get into others. don’t make them too similar either. also recommended to have multiple email accounts for various things (1 for finance/money, 1 for social, 1 for entertainment, etc)


the crazy thing is, i dont think my email was compromised. Im at a complete loss, i have way more important things tied to this email and nothing else was compromised. After going through emails dating back to late july, it looks like this was a consistent attempt to get into my account but it never actually got hacked until i resubbed a week ago. Ive been away from the game for about 4 months

Not all malware shows up all the time. Next time you scan open up the launcher and put in a fake email and password but do not hit enter and then scan your system as some malware does not activate unless it see’s you opening something like that up. Also i might suggest downloading and scan your system with spybot search & destroy.


I use three different security products. It’s not particularly uncommon for one product to find something the other two products missed.

Malwarebytes tends to find things the other two missed more often than they find things Malwarebyts missed but it does happen occasionally.

Scans tend to find what they look for, but no product looks for everything.