Accidentally free-transferred to a dead realm

Hello, I just resubbed for the first time in almost a year. Found out that Herod was deserted, so i tried out Grobbulus and loved it! I went to transfer my alt as well but didn’t notice I had Bigglesworth selected.
I tried to delete the character mid transfer but that didn’t work. I’m hearing that Bigglesworth is a completely dead realm and i have been having a blast on Grobbulus. There wasn’t really a option for a ticket on this subject so i figured I’d try here!

if you used the free transfer you should be able to transfer again

Bigglesworth has free transfers to Grobb as it is indeed a dead realm

Yes as the others said there shouldn’t be limitations on free transfers from Bigglesworth. You should be able to still go to Grobb. If you can’t Customer Support may be able to help.

It’s good you didn’t pick Earthfury or you would have been stuck with the few left there.

Unlike paid transfers I am almost certain there is no cooldown on free transfers.

You’re right and I was kind of trying to say that too (I just added that little ranty sentence that wasn’t needed about EF since I check to see if there are free transfers from that server every day).

I just tested by taking a level 1 from Thunderfury and free transferring it to Bigglesworth. I was able to then free transfer it from Bigglesworth to Grobb. Hopefully, the OP was able to do the same and unite their characters on Grobb.

Heck, I may move my Warlock from Blammo to Grobb then, if everyone is going.

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So do the transfer again. Bigglesworth, for whatever reason, is a source AND destination. I don’t know what sense this is supposed to make.

Open a ticket, blizzard helped me quite quickly with a retail race change gone wrong. I’m sure this is just as easy of a fix.