Accidental pvp

Ever been questing in war mode but not paying much attention and mistake a real player for a trash mob? whoops, sorry bout that. I think he was doing that quest in the desolace where you become a naga.


Yes. I’ve experienced that a few times now.

And every single time, I then got pwned. Mostly by paladins.


I’ve done it.

Then I normally kill them anyway, change to cat form, and roll around in their entrails like it’s catnip.


No fibbing. We all know you got pwnd by the uber leet pvp class called holy priest!

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Well at least you got something out of it


Anyone else done the dance of trying to click on an NPC to turn a quest in while caaaaaaaarefully avoiding the hunter pet/voidwalker that is just draped all over it?


I did get camped by a priest while leveling my alliance mage. It was in drustvar and the respawn point was halfway up a mountain, no fun

Pallys have been known to pwn :dizzy_face:

Back in my vanilla days whilst leveling an undead warrior and just outside the starting zone, I accidently right clicked a visiting alliance ?? level toon flagging myself for pvp with the result being far from friendly…

oh, was it wrong of me to drop a explosive trap on an AFK alliance char sitting on top of the hill in the middle of nowhere? it was fun to watch them sail away…


Paladins suck to fight if you play a class with no self heals.

Practically have to kill them thrice.

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Yes lots.
On my:
Orcs; kill them anyway and /whoa.
Taurens; stop /regret kill them anyway, /apologize, with new pot /emote apologize profusely to nub cakes.
Undeads (before deleting them); kill them anyway, cannibalize.
Belfs (F); kill them anyway, /curtsey /giggle.
Belfs (M); stop /cower /plead (if they engage, kill them, /rear).
Trolls; kill them anyway, /lol /lost.
Goblins; kill them anyway, /crack, /dance.
DH (both sides); kill them /ponder, /ready - (since new pot /emote %target was not prepared)
Humans; kill them anyway, t bag time (yes humans are ALL d bags).
Dorfs; stop /drink (if they engage kill them) /drink, /applaud.
Gnomes; too busy being punted to do anything.
Nightelfs; kill them anyway /sigh /pat mob
Pandas; stop /wave, /greet, kill them anyway, /grin

Disclaimer; Yes I also lose as well, being dead is not as interesting, although Horde dirt does in fact taste worse than Alliance dirt.


I recall rounding up a lot of mobs in the Everbloom while doing leveling content on a pvp server during wod, having actually leveled in dungeons. One of the mobs ran off and started healing itself. I was like, wait a minute, that’s a player.


I like you

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Oops…just did this a few hours ago in pandaland. There were angry fish people everywhere and I had to kill lots. I wasn’t really looking at anything but red font. I started realizing this one was taking a bit longer to kill and was glad he was stunned. Thought maybe it’s the “bigshot” of the group so checked the name…oh…that’s a troll DK. Well, I really am just trying to level this KT druid, and he’s probably just trying to level his DK, so, even thought he’s more than half gone, I’m gonna run away. He death gripped me, but, didn’t follow up. So we parted ways alive.

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Havent ever done this. My name plates are color coordinated so its very easy to distinguish between players and everything else.

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Happens loads, though I’m not fussed about pvp happening in warmode.
I just kill them if they don’t leave me alone when I stop.

I like you too. :kissing_heart:

Well, I have them colored too, and DKs can blend in with all of the red. Attacked a gnome or dwarf or something by accident back in Legion and tried to run away, but got death gripped and died. (I only heal when I PvP.)

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How to deal with Holy Priests… Maldicite + assasination rouge + garrote + wound poison = gg.

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I failed at that last night just not paying attention. I was trying to click on the flight point and accidentally clicked on the player/pet by mistake (I’m sure they were there on purpose of course). Didn’t even realize what I did until all the guards started swarming me…