Accepted a Trial Thanks for you'r reply/invite

We are 2 players who want to join a mythic raiding guild.
we play :
Druid balance Night Fae ( OS tank/heal)
Paladin Holy Venthyr

We both have experience 7/10 mythic.
If we find a group that works for us we can server change.

If you want to contact me my Battlenet is : Jajex#1130

Corrosive is 8/10M looking to add a few more to our roster! We raid 8-11EST. Added you! Would love to talk!

Hey! I’m recruiting for the guild < Clan of the Silver Rings > on Zul’jin [H]. We are currently recruiting DPS/heals for mythic raid Tues/Fri 9-12 EST. AOTC guild with 8/10M raid lead. Open to working with fun/dedicated people to add to the raid core and learn for the rest of this tier and next.

Please reach out if you want to chat! :maple_leaf:

BTAG: rachel#12349
Discord: Rachel Shadow Priest#3625


I wanted to reach out as well to see if you might be interested in joining Uncommon Sense.
We’re looking for ranged DPS and healers and would love to talk if you’re interested.

We’re an Alliance guild on Proudmoore and are currently 10/10m with strong history of achieving CE at a good pace. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm PST to 8pm PST (8pm EST to 11pm EST)

If you’re interested in reading more, I’ve linked our post here:

I’ll leave my contact info here as well
Disc: JustOneSparrow#7679

Hope to hear from you soon!

We currently accepted a Trial with the guild Corrosive on Zul’Jin Horde.
thanks for your reply.