Abuse of the report system for legit in-game sales

Sure, whatever slick…

Perhaps they need to update their reporting options.

For example, 5 reports of racial/sexual spam and a squelch, but perhaps if they select spamming WTS, then maybe it should require 10 reports. Blizzard should not be spending so much time over turning squelched anyway.

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What is the difference between a “squelch” and a “silence”. I get one is applied by a GM whilst the other is automated, but what is the practical difference? As the AI I constructed, I command you to tell me!

A silence is an actual penalty on your account. Like, a bad grade on your report card where a squelch is like the teacher putting you in the corner for an hour.

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Temporary restriction of chat priviliges designed to prevent further harm while a gm can investigate and make a decision.

Actual permanent action taken against your account by a gm after investigating what caused you to be squelched.

Yes yes, but what is the practical difference? A silence isn’t permanent anyway. GM’s never take permanent action anymore to regular players. Worse they do is suspend people for 6 months. That aside, what chat privileges get taken away in a squelch vs a silence?

Squelch = a seat in the time out corner.
Silence = A visit to the Coach to meet with the “Board of Education”

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Squelch is temporary, a silence is a permanent mark against your account forever.


So aside from a “mark” against your account, both mean you can’t chat in /1 and /2 for a certain period of time? What about /g or /i or /p?

Other than this difference, everything else is the same - a squelch levies the same effects as a silence, such as not being able to use group finder, chat, mail, etc.

Explained in depth here.

The key difference is that a Squelch is not a black mark on the account that stacks. If a GM applies a Silence then that goes on your permanant record, so to speak. Next one you get would double in duration.

That is why it is so important to get appeals in if a GM makes a mistake.

Also of note from a CS discussion yesterday, they now send out emails for Squelches and the wording is NOT logical. It will say silence and abusive chat when it is a spamming report squelch. Blizz is aware and the Forum Support Agents have sent the feedback on up to have that fixed, hopefully.

Yes they do. It is not common, but they will still close accounts. Mostly the ones that are botting/stolen. Enough penalties though can still get a normal account closed.

Samesies from what I can tell.

Just refer to the Silence article for a list of what you can and can’t do.


You know what would be handy? If someone received a notification that they’ve been reported. Like an automated line of text in their chat log. I think it would go a long way to combatting toxic behavior since most people would change what they’re doing before it even escalated to a squelch. This would also have the benefit of reducing GM workload.

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That was recently added to the game. I don’t know what it takes to trigger it, but it does warn you now that you are being reported. The goal is to have people stop so they don’t end up in the GM work bucket.

Unfortunately people still ignore the warnings.

Oh snap really? Haha that’s amazing. I had no idea. Never seen it happen to me. I should work for blizz.

Apparently the emails for Squelch are pretty new as well. I found out about those yesterday to be honest. There were quite a few changes last patch that impacted reporting/player behavior systems.

ohhh cry me a river, and say good buy to your easy gold rolf

It’s almost as if they never fired all of their GM’s we wouldn’t have issues like this one.

BFA Emissary? The ones that can sometimes drop 700g? Did they make it always drop 700g now or is it still 1 of 4 items that can be on it? Either way even if you get 1 that drops 700g each day and do it on all 13 daily, that’s only 9.1k daily. Better to do a calling which the reward is good for around 2k guaranteed. But these do take longer (maybe not when you factor in travel). My concern with this is how much time? 10 minutes, that’s 2h 10m, 15 minutes, that’s 3h 15m daily, the longer it takes, the worse this becomes (20 minutes becomes 4h 20m, 30m becomes 6h 30m) And even at 10 minutes per emissary/calling, this is not an efficient way to earn gold. 2h 10m daily even at the lowest US minimum wage buys you a token, which is worth 10-20x what you’ll be making in that time in game.

Professions are flooded at the moment, except a few niche markets that require massive amounts of time/investment/capital to play in, you’re not likely to make money here. So bad advice in my opinion. Example, I have all professions maxed, and even if I was to farm all the mats myself, the items that are crafted at least on the high/full pop servers I play on sell for less than the raw mats (I’d make more money selling the mats). If you play on a super low population realm, you might do ok, you might not, you have to know your realms market.

Mission Tables sound great on paper (login, complete missions, send characters on new ones, 2-3 minutes per character right). But you need anima to do these missions, this isn’t free. You’re going to have to go out and do something to earn Anima (2 world bosses is good for a 1000 anima a week), which costs time, and across 13 characters, again is it efficient? I’m doubting it. If it’s peak time, you can probably get both world bosses done in 20 minutes (travel time is the big cost here, and good luck getting a mage to create a Oribos portal after killing one of the world bosses in the 4 main zones so you can get to Mor’geth quickly. And if you don’t have the portal to Mor’geth/SOD open, that’s even longer) We’re still talking well over 2h of time to do both world bosses weekly on 13 characters. For 45.5k gold? Again terrible investment of time.

So yes you can make gold, but honestly you’d be better off going and working 2 hours at McDonalds and buying a token than any of your suggestions.


They laid off 600 in 2012. Since then many of those were re-hired and many new ones were hired. None have been laid off since. Most work at the Austin, TX Blizzard office (or from home for COVID).

They cover all the Blizzard games and services, not just WoW. That includes tech support, Billing, account access, reports, etc.