Absorbs no longer prevent dazing?

(Heartblossom) #13

As a followup to my comment, if I choose some form of barding, then the answer becomes always yes. In which case, there’s no strategic decision to be made about which path.

So the decision-making has been taken out of the field, and moved back to making a purchase in town.


This change is retarded just like Blizzard devs are.

(Archigadh) #15

Even though I’m totally salty about it aswell, I really DONT want them to go this route aswell. This is the kind of thinking that gets us into this mess in the first place, and it’s such a bad thing for everyone involved.

“Ugh, my class has been pruned to death, Rogues are mostly unpruned, please lets prune them too!”


(Elenstelle) #16

Not gonna lie, my first reaction to seeing this change was nearly busting a lung laughing so hard.

Like…this is literally the dumbest change imaginable. Quite literally the dumbest change imaginable. Its also completely anathema to their supposed push to make the world seem bigger…because all it will do is make people fly/portal more.

Like…holy cow…this is quite literally the stupidest, anti-player, anti-fun change that I’ve ever seen in this game. Possibly more so than the GCD change.


this change will go down as popular as the new portal room did

(Kaivax) #18

This change was not intended. We’re investigating the issue and plan to fix it in the Rise of Azshara PTR as soon as possible.

RIP Waterstrider 1 Week Left
(Elenstelle) #19

Thank god. I honestly think this would have been a deal breaker for me, it would have made even the most basic of traveling an absolutely miserable.

BUT that being said, after the GCD change, the portal prune, the waterstrider fiasco, death of Master Loot, the guild permissions prune, ilvl scaling, and other deeply deeply unpopular changes…the fact that players weren’t only upset at this ‘glitch’ but not surprised and many were even expecting it highlights some severe underlying trust issues with the community.

I’m glad this was a glitch, and I’m relieved to know it will be fixed ASAP…but the fact that for many, this was within the realm of possibility and not even considered to be a glitch - to which even the ilvl scaling was thought to be a glitch initially - is frightening. Not sure how to course correct, tbh. Obviously not your fault, Kaivax, but still. Very frightening.


Well that is great news and I’m glad this post got your attention!


Thank you for the response!

(Beefköw) #22

Nobody cares tbh.

You get flying in 8.2, not my concern.

(Dathrel) #23

Everyone’s just gonna use water walking anyways.

(Kyzera) #24

Or just not worry about the mount equipment at all. I have seen no reason thus far to use it.

(Verdre) #25

Thats the core issue. Blizzard has created a severe lack of trust among too many WoW players. Not blaming Kaivax, he’s just the messenger.

But this is an issue that Blizzard needs to address. The lack of Trust, of believing that they’re competent and know what they’re doing, or for that matter that they even care about making a quality product.

But that’s a hairy scary topic for another day.

It is good that its a glitch and is being looked into.


There’s flying patrols in Najzatar that’ll daze/dismount you too, so don’t count on flying to fix everything.

(Beefköw) #27

Avoid the flying patrols, problem solved.

(Dathrel) #28

To give the water strider an ability it’s supposed to have by default, by virtue of being a water strider.

Or a handful of WoW players are very stupid and very loud, underestimating how difficult it can be to tackle bugs in a game like this, leveraging insignificant things as proof of their ignorant nonsense, and treating opinions of theirs on design direction as facts. That seems more likely.

(Kyzera) #29

Oh, I understand why others might wish to use the equipment. I meant me personally. I rarely use the Strider as it is. I have the raft for my non-Shaman/DK alts and this toon has the Angler Artifact.


Even if they correct this 'whoopsie! Did we forget about absorbs?!" problem… I expect I’ll still probably want no-daze equipped instead of water walking.

Absorbs only protect while they’re up. If they get depleted, next hit is likely to dismount you. And as a pseudo-tanky warlock I like to round up a big group of targets while mounted and then burn them down while my pet takes agro.

So yeah, raft/underlight angler from now on. Presuming I actually ever log in again. I’m going longer and longer between logins as a result of all this garbage.

(Ruddypiper) #31

Warlords of Draenor was announced at the November 2013 Blizzcon. One of the things they mentioned was “an epic quest to earn flying”.

Alpha started in April 2014 with no flying quest. Blizzard said they had changed their mind with the quest but flying was still coming.

Beta rolled around with no flying.

PTR rolled around with no flying.

WoD launched in November 2014 with no flying. Players asked and Blizzard said it was coming in a patch.

6.1 goes live in February of 2015 with no flying. Blizzard says it’s still coming.

Late on a Friday afternoon on Memorial day weekend Ion Hazzicostas tells the obscure gaming website Polygon that there will be “no flying in current content ever again”.


That’s a year and a half of Blizzard lying and misleading players about flying. And you think players are stupid and loud and wrong to distrust Blizzard?


Well thank god you all are fixing this game breaking issue. I don’t think I could’ve gone on playing with this bug. I mean it’s not as if there aren’t thousands of other things that are far more important than fixing a mechanic that has always been pretty stupid in the first place…