Absorbs no longer prevent dazing?


No Blizzard, the idea is to remove dazing from the game as an annoying unnecessary mechanic, not add more of it…

(Kurogasa) #2

Yeah this reeks of trying to force “interesting choices” for mount equipment. It’s not interesting - it’s annoying.

Also, this further reinforces doing gathering on tank toons.


They made mount equipment that prevents daze… ofc they’re going to remove all other non-tank spec ways to prevent daze. They’ve got to make sure players are using that agency to equip their mounts with the new items.

(Dominiquê) #4

Blizzard is making it harder and harder to actually defend any of this crap they keep pulling. This change is ridiculous and literally taking away quality of life to make their idiotic Mount Equipment system more palatable.


I know crafting professions are struggling but this kind of hamfisted rubbish isn’t the solution. Still, if it’s going to daze through absorbs then tanks should be getting dazed (off their mounts) in the world too. They can use the barding along with everyone else. What’s good for the priest is good for the prot paladin.

(Kurogasa) #6

Might as well rework travel form for druids while we’re at it.


Honestly don’t get why a warrior has a daze complaint :slight_smile:

(Zephyy) #8

If this is going to be a thing then daze shouldn’t dismount.


Yeah I’m at a loss here. I had hoped they would dial back some of the pruning (in all its forms) after they said they had gone too far. This is exactly the same as past ‘progression’ gameplay loops: Blizz takes something away then expects you to feel good when you get some of the functionality back.


The thing about absorbs make you immune to daze is that, it also work if you’re NOT mounted.
Last i check mount equipment does not work if you’re not mounted.

I still do not understand why they remove something when they’re adding something.
Water walking effect is removed when you’re attacked, regardless of absorbed or not.

This will just make you to constantly opening the mount tab to equip water walking and anti-daze constantly.

Blizzard need to remember the absorbs have limitation in the amount of attack you can absorbs, it’s not a permanent thing.
It also require a decent amount of preparations. Not all azerite piece have Resounding Protections, not everyone can have the Opulance trinket (dps only class will have to beg other class to have it).

I also still don’t understand the deal with removing water walking from Water Strider.
Why not make equipment just not work on them like Sky Golem? They’re “unique” mount.

Also how about Druid’s Travel Form?
I am fine with the water walking effect because i can use the raft, but the absorbs anti-daze?
So i am forced to wait 5s to change spec to guardian then another 5s to change back.
Yeah it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s an unnecessary inconvenient that exists because… why?

(Heartblossom) #11

It’s a frustrating change.

Currently, when I’m in a zone like Nazmir, I try to find paths through the fewest enemies so that I won’t get hit by so many that they break my shields and dismount me.

After this change, the answer will always be: there’s no possible path. If the answer is always no, then there really isn’t a strategic choice.


I’d like to add my voice to those above saying this is very much a change for the worse.

First off, this change really goes against the spirit of how the mount equipment feature was communicated. It was portrayed as a QoL improvement, and after time-tracking and number crunching that may indeed be so. But each time I get knocked off my mount while resounding protection is up I’m going to be momentarily annoyed. Those consistent moments of annoyance are the kinds of feelings that really turn me off of an activity.

Secondly, this raid tier has been really great. It’s strength is probably a huge contributor to why my team is still around and playing the game. But again, the QoL hit of going from prolonged power pots to having to farm out herbs for raids has definitely been a change that doesn’t feel great going back to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally sold that the legion model of basically never having to farm was the right way to go. But In the same vein that losing set bonuses, legendaries AND artifacts all at once from classes and traded for Azerite felt really bad. I’d strongly suggest not making consumables (which we still gripe about having to farm for) any harder to farm out.

Thanks for reading and listening.

(Heartblossom) #13

As a followup to my comment, if I choose some form of barding, then the answer becomes always yes. In which case, there’s no strategic decision to be made about which path.

So the decision-making has been taken out of the field, and moved back to making a purchase in town.


This change is retarded just like Blizzard devs are.

(Archigadh) #15

Even though I’m totally salty about it aswell, I really DONT want them to go this route aswell. This is the kind of thinking that gets us into this mess in the first place, and it’s such a bad thing for everyone involved.

“Ugh, my class has been pruned to death, Rogues are mostly unpruned, please lets prune them too!”


(Elenstelle) #16

Not gonna lie, my first reaction to seeing this change was nearly busting a lung laughing so hard.

Like…this is literally the dumbest change imaginable. Quite literally the dumbest change imaginable. Its also completely anathema to their supposed push to make the world seem bigger…because all it will do is make people fly/portal more.

Like…holy cow…this is quite literally the stupidest, anti-player, anti-fun change that I’ve ever seen in this game. Possibly more so than the GCD change.


this change will go down as popular as the new portal room did

(Kaivax) #18

This change was not intended. We’re investigating the issue and plan to fix it in the Rise of Azshara PTR as soon as possible.

RIP Waterstrider 1 Week Left
(Elenstelle) #19

Thank god. I honestly think this would have been a deal breaker for me, it would have made even the most basic of traveling an absolutely miserable.

BUT that being said, after the GCD change, the portal prune, the waterstrider fiasco, death of Master Loot, the guild permissions prune, ilvl scaling, and other deeply deeply unpopular changes…the fact that players weren’t only upset at this ‘glitch’ but not surprised and many were even expecting it highlights some severe underlying trust issues with the community.

I’m glad this was a glitch, and I’m relieved to know it will be fixed ASAP…but the fact that for many, this was within the realm of possibility and not even considered to be a glitch - to which even the ilvl scaling was thought to be a glitch initially - is frightening. Not sure how to course correct, tbh. Obviously not your fault, Kaivax, but still. Very frightening.


Well that is great news and I’m glad this post got your attention!