About the free transfers

90% of Earthfury is just Incendius transfers. What about when the same happens to Earthfury and everyone flocks here in masses? What’ll you do then? Offer server transfers to another realm where the same fate will repeat? As the most successful gaming company in the world, I think Blizzard can understand my concern here.

However, thank you very much for being so kind as to offer us free realm transfers when you could’ve just let us all suffer with queues on Incendius. That’s treatment a lot of companies would never give us these days. I just don’t think your solution was feasible.

oh what now your complaining after telling us all to be quiet and take the transfer?? my how the tables have turned…

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It will until all servers are 90% horde or alliance

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I decided to be quiet and take the transfer. Also, if this continues to bother me, I’ll pay for a transfer as I should. It was their grace that they offered a transfer FOR FREE.

I don’t think that’s likely to happen any time soon.