About that triune nerf

So what now? Mage feels weak as heck in pvp right now without it. You die nearly instantly. If only the solo shield couldn’t be dispelled or something. But eh, this is just a low-effort forum post, which required just as much thinking as it took for blizzard to come up with these balance changes.


try playing fleshcraft shield to live a little more

Mage has been literally meta since like how long now? Quite possibly forever? Yall fine.

Yeah I generally Necolord. But I want to farm the 80 honor with revendreth for the back transmog. :slight_smile:

I’m curious to see how the mages will do with such a major blow to their defense.

Life-long mage since vanilla…we were true glass cannons back in the day. Couldnt complain. Lets be honest, in most rbg grps, people tend to lean towards double ret/double boomie/locks…not mages. We’re more utility now. Sure, we have burst…but it’s dispelled by any non mouth breather. Fire mages usually cast fireballs to get combustion reset quicker, so we hard cast…we dont do a whole lot of pressure outside combust, other than sheeps…

We have the lowest health pool in game. Cloth wearers. Dont have any self heals unless we “conduit” into it and it’s generally not the best choice. We generally have to dance around pretty well to survive; cant just stand in there and cast like 80k locks/equal geared boomies. We went from 65% in all situations with Triune, to then 50% in arena/bgs/rbgs…now to 35?? It says a lot when the BIS legendary for mages, for pvp, is a DEFENSIVE one… and now it’s wittled down further.

I’m a 2kish mage in rbgs…dont do a whole lot of arena. I’ve heard that mages were “hard” to kill in arena…and i understand blizz tries to “balance” around arena, not bgs…the nerf is definitely noticeable here. I think we should have top dmg/be true glass cannons, at the expense of dying quicker now, and we are NOT that at all…boomies and spriests shouldnt do more dmg than a pure caster class…/endrant…


good to see you Eloise…i’ve faced you too many times to remember in bgs/rbgs

I never use Triune, but I agree we are squishy if we don’t play our defensives perfectly. I think taking all barriers off the GCD would be a welcome change.

Yeah! It’s really rough getting outdamaged by a considerable amount by hybrid classes who can heal themselves back to full with almost no effort. And now, we have to enjoy getting absolutely deleted in battlegrounds if we’re not running fleshcraft. Last night I was killed by a balance druid who just spammed me with “wrath” and I couldn’t compete with that amount of pressure. It felt horrible XD

It takes a lot of courage to not run with triune, especially since the shield can be dispelled instantly by a majority of classes in the game. I mean, it’s not like we’re wearing plate, so the unshielded damage adds up really fast.

Most of my fights last night felt like a struggle.


Most of Arcane Mage defensives are preemptive where you want to cast Alter Time, Temporal Shield, Prismatic Barrier before you take big hits. My spec runs with the Tempest Barrier conduit and the other conduit that lowers Blink’s cooldown, which adds a lot of survivability when paired with the Master of Time talent, as Blink resets after using Alter Time. My Blink becomes a crucial defensive versus stuns and can keep me alive long enough to finish enemies.

I get how strong Triune can be, but I’d think less of myself if I used it.

Well, that’s just a very silly reason. And it’s kind of an insult toward nearly all mages who use triune.

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Most top players, (i’m not one, 2kish at best) used and called Triune as the BIS legendary up to the nerf. They didnt think less of themselves for using it. I can see in Arena, where mages were pretty tough to kill, IF they knew how to LOS/play somewhat defensively. IN bgs/Rbgs, we tend to get trained more often than not; that’s where the nerf was “felt” more. Any lock or Spriest that’s worth their salt can stand in place and face an equally geared mage without worry…mages have to dance a bit more.

For people who MOSTLY RBG, locks and boomies are preferred over mages because of their tankiness/ability to do “pad pressure”. It was just a little frustrating to have a nerf to our BIS legend, a DEFENSIVE one at that. I personally dont think that locks, especially boomies, should be putting out more dmg than mages, whether healable “padding” or not. Again, i think blizz “balances” around top arena, 3/v3 content mostly. I get that. I’d like to see mages become THE strongest dps class, and wouldnt mind at the same time, making us even more of a glass cannon…go ahead and nerf us defensively, but make us “scary” again, like boomies…hybrid classes shouldnt get all that self healing AND put stronger pressure/dps out than a pure casting class…imo


lol, all that being said, i have NOT switched/tried out a new offensive Legendary yet…the one that if you use your arcane/frost/and fire abilities within 10 seconds and you get a 20% crit dmg seems pretty good…i’ll have to try it out.

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I’ve seen a fire mage using it, and she was doing a whole lot of damage. The only issue is that she’s one purge/dispel away from having her healthpool annihilated. I think it’s a worst issue for the other mage specs, because we don’t have “Blazing soul”

This thread was an awesome read because the nerf didn’t even go through until recently. It was bugged and still gave full value xD

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Yeah we weren’t talking about it at all :stuck_out_tongue:

I rolled a shadow priest. You miss the mobility, but the DMG is insane, hard silence, ranges stun, aoe fear, dispersion, greater fade, desperate prayer, strong heal, vampiric embrance.

You can spec into instant casts, have 2 last tier talents with a PvP talent for more insta dmg. A mortal strike PvP talent. Mages have no chance with purge dot + purge spam.