About one-way ticket to the heart can't turn in

In the end of quest one-way ticket to the heart it likely TP player back to chambers of heart but… it take me to chambers of heart and magni not here so i can’t turn in quest.
Im see walk through on youtube and it seem to be another of chambers of heart version.
im try abandon quest and do it again but it not work.


Same issue here! Abandoned and did the quest again, thinking I’d made a mistake; there’s just no way to turn in the quest once you’re teleported back into the Chamber of Heart.

I am also experiencing this issue… the quest turn-in seems completely broken now that the chamber has been updated for the most recent patch

Same - idk what the bug is or why.

Found this thread because I was google searching the issue, I’m experiencing the same problem.

Yep, its definitely not working. Just attempted several different ways of going about it.

Quest isn’t working.

Ok ! I think I just figured out how to go about this. There is a quest that is called
" ?Re-Origination " that needs to be completed before turning in the quest " A one way ticket to the Heart " you can complete the quest “ticket to the Heart” and then continue to the “Re-Origination” quest which when completed teleports you back to the Chamber of Hearts, Magni was then available to turn in the quest that’s troubling some players currently.

I just did this. I hope this helps. gonna go ahead and post in a few other threads to get the word going.

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Still broken as of today. hooray.