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My sister bought three blizzard balance cards this Christmas for herself, I believe she bought them on credit. She seem’s to have misplaced them , but is it possible to activate the cards based on the credit card transaction?

If not- Thank you anyways for your answer.

If it was at all possible, she’d have to follow up with the retailer. But I imagine that it’s not actually possible to do so unfortunately :frowning:

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I doubt blizzard would have the cc info that was given to a third party seller.

Ok, as I said thanks. I’d still wait for a blue to confirm though if they can.

A blue response here is will not always happen. Unless you purchased these cards from blizzard they have no way of knowing that you purchased them. So they would have no way of doing this for you. You would need to follow up with the retailer they came from.

IE blizzard would not have a record for third party sales.


Unfortunately no

I asked Walmart one time how they stop.people from stealing the cards and redeeming them. They told me the card does not activate until it is sold in their system. Each has a unique barcode to denote the card.

So Bluzzard never has the cc info, thus cannot track it. Sorry.


These are bought. I will ask my sister if she will follow up with the store she bought them from. thanks, Vorsol, your post seems to be the solution.

P.S., though I will never understand how this was customer support forum, if their just regular people responding… one of World of Warcraft seven mystery’s.


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Sorry if you thought I was implying anything shady with.your sister. I most certainly.did notean to

Was.simply.trying.to show how the chain of.paemt does not connect to Blizzard.

If I read too much into the response, 14 hour work day ftw, disregard

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No problem, It’s not like I lost these cards anyway, my sister bought them not me. I just figured I’d help her with her problem. thank you for attempting to help and sorry if I was inappropriate in my response.

You were no way inappropriate my.friend.

I do wish her rhe best of luck in a happy solution.

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Thank you for the clarification.

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Your welcome and hope she has some luck. In the future would recommend buying them directly from blizzard or even amazon. This way you can get the codes directly in a email.

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Thanks everyone for jumping in with the correct information :slight_smile:

I definitely hope your sister is able to track down where she stored those cards, Phantemium. Have a good weekend!