Ability/Loot Lag on Oceanic Servers Despite Normal Latency

Trying to do anything in Boralus at the moment feels incredibly sluggish… No difference in latency as per the usual. Takes several seconds to vendor items. Gross gross gross!

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I suppose Blizzard are hoping that by ignoring us the issue will go away.

Well it has not.


Cael/Nagrand. Yesterday (May 1st). 2.00pm server time. Latency normal.

During Invasion in Drustvar the lag was terrible and of course there were players from most Oceanic servers in the zone.

It is a total disgrace that this is still going on. It has been since BFA launched.

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Today (Sunday). Cael/Nagrand. Zone Tiragarde Sound. My latency showing as perfectly normal. Lag whilst “trying” to do dailies very bad. Maybe 2 second delay to any action. This is the worst that I have experienced for a while. Time was 1400 hours server. Gave up, logged off.

1800 hours, logged on again (I know, optimist). No improvement whatsoever. This time I am in Boralus. Even trying to gem/enchant stuff was painful. Gave up, logged off.

And Blizzard CONTINUES to ignore its Oceanic player base.

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Zone: Drustvar/Tirisgarde
Server: Cael/Nagrand
Character: Majyk

It is take me up to 4 seconds (from the end of the actual gather action) for a herb to be gathered.

I had hoped this situation would be corrected by now. I am trying to level up my Inscription but I’m fed up with the frustration and am logging off.

Why can’t you guys fix this? I mean, this isn’t 2009, surely you can figure out why its happening and correct it!

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Hey all,

We have seen another uptick of this sort of issue in the past few weeks and the engineers have been made aware of them. Keep in mind however that we in Technical Support are not developers ourselves and won’t have most of the technical details on this sort of situation. All we can really do is continue to monitor for updates, keep it on the developers’ radar, and post if any new information is available. At this point in time this is being treated as a bug rather than a technical issue so there’s no troubleshooting we can provide you.

As a reminder, you can sometimes work around it by swapping between war mode or out of war mode to force a re-shard, but that won’t always fix it.

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Appreciate the update.

If it can help, I’m experiencing ability/loot lag right now.

Toon: Nightglad
Realm: Zul’jin
Zone: Hyjal
Home latency: 26 ms
World latency: 29 ms
Warmode: on

We’re almost at the one year anniversary since 8.0 created this issue.

Fantastic effort by all the wonderful people involved in solving this issue in a timely fashion.


Been doing world content a lot more than usual recently with a bout of sickness allowing me a bit more time.
I’ve been slowly levelling my Warlock from 110 to almost 118 and I have to admit, it’s definitely still prevalent.
It’s certainly not as bad as it has been, however I definitely spent a lot of time hovering over my ping to see what it was only to find that I didn’t have any excess ping, it was simply something else causing the delays.

The issue is still notoriously worse on the Alliance continent, I can guarantee that for the pretty much the entire time I was over there (2 assaults and 2 outposts on 2 different characters and servers) I was experiencing noticeably delayed gameplay.

Still happens on the Horde continent as well although I believe it is less frequent.

Characters were
Haavi - Barthilas - Drustvar + Tiragarde - warmode off
Vankraken - Nagrand - Drustvar + Tiragarde + Nazmir - warmode off


For the love of all that is holy, is this lag ever going to be fixed? Are servers ever going to be able to handle a raid of players in pvp again? Horde were raiding our city and I swear from across the map it was lagging me. I get constant skill cast delay still after months of issues but it doesn’t seem quite as bad, still this is unacceptable performance.

If you need to revise and disable your whole sharding system then do so, I’m sure none of us would care in fact would enjoy servers being their own thing again. Clearly the proper tech does not exist for this engine to seamlessly megaserver. In GW2 and ESO I can have 50+ players on the screen and play flawlessly. This isn’t even hyperbole, it really works, just youtube it and I’m only counting ENEMIES here. Now search similar videos for WoW in 2019.

There is no reason why I should be lagging so bad with 20 players come on pvp is unplayable in open world.

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I came back a few weeks ago after not playing for months because of the lag and all seemed okay.

But I have noticed the lag has come back when I am doing world quests. It’s loot and ability lag.

Realm: Frostmourne
Character: Alessara
Zone: All world quest zones but i’ve been mainly in the Alliance zones.
Home latency: 26-32ms
World latency: 32-36ms
Warmode: Off

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Realm: Nagrand
Character: Vankrakan
Zone: Nazmir + Voldun
Time: ~9:00-9:40 Tue 14/05
Home Latency: ~33ms
World Latency ~33ms
Warmode: Off

Still getting significant degrees or lag, especially noticeable during casting. ~0.5-1s delays between button press and cast bar appearing.


Coming here after discovering they’re putting what is effectively sharding in to Classic too… Just gotta laugh, considering how broken it’s been for us for so long.

Definitely feeling like the unloved step child here.


Remove sharding, in particular warmode shading.
Consolidate the realms.
Frostmourne with Barthilas, Gundrak/Jubei with Aman’Thul and Saurfang, Cael/Nagrand with Dath’Remar/Khaz’gorothand Thaurissan/Dreadmaul.

Factions will be pretty much equal on all 3 “consolidated realms” according to population sites. Frostmourne/ Barthilas would be slightly less balanced due to the sheer number of Alliance on Frostmourne.

Playing on Haavi - Barthilas in Zuldazar.
0.5-1s lag between button presses. Feels really bad on a class like Paladin that is reliant on multiple short cd abilities.
Just really not worth trying to work though.

Apparently US is also having issues now and have a thread related to it.

Sorry this isn’t good enough anymore, this has been a major issues since near the start of BfA. i unsubbed at the end of October last year and i just resubbed yesterday to find this issue is still ongoing.

What a waste of my time and money, it’s about time someone at Blizzard takes a stand to remove the systems responsible ie. sharding / forced CRZ etc. I will never play retail again, i will never support Blizzard games anymore due to the fact they couldn’t care about this issue at all and would rather keep systems in place to facilitate an illusion of population at the cost of player enjoyment.


Sunday May 26th. Like an idiot I am trying to level two Horde characters. I started “trying” at around 11.00am server time.

Even though latency is showing as normal, the lag is making gameplay entirely unenjoyable.

Even though I swap between characters (they are in different zones) the problem is constant.

I really don’t know what else to say.

Just another post to ignore Blizzard.


Why expect anything from them? we are not yanks so they don’t give a…!
I play all my mains on u.s servers,put up with 300 latency but get no input delay ever!. Strange i can play useing a foreign server in another hemisphere and play better than using a server in my own country,blizzard have stuffed oceanic servers up since start of bfa and the silence continues…wow, just done a quest in kultiras and it took 30 seconds to appear on my mount!.

This is why I play on US Servers. Have no issue with delays on Thrall, where my main and most of my alts are, but my Warrior on Frostmourne, gets delays from… Ugh, just playing it.

And it isn’t my internet, because getting delays playing on an Oceanic Server playing from Sydney, but no delays on a US Server playing from Sydney just doesn’t make any sense.

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