Ability/Loot Lag on North American Servers Despite Normal Latency

Friendly bump since Blizz is closing all new reports over the last week and referring them here. This issue has been consistent for some time now with no new updates from Blizz in this thread.
Could we please get some sort of update on what is being done? The game is pretty intolerable in the affected zones.

This issue has not been resolved. Not only do I experience lag all the time, it gets worse when I am in a more populated zone, no matter the server. I have also been booted out of the game completely and dc’ed rather suddenly. I have horrible lag when I am entering an instance, so bad that I frequently get kicked from group. This is every level character I have, and in all zones.

World Quests and rare fighting in game are impossible. I am lucky to get one hit on a boss and maybe if I am super lucky, I get credit.

I know my laptop is a few years old, and I am having a new pc built, but if this issue is not fixed I will have to quit WOW and go to another game. Very sad about this, as I love WOW and the people who play it that are my friends. But they have also expressed concerns over these lag issues and a lot of them have left the game because of it.

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At what point is this going to be resolved and fixed? I’m on the Uldaman server which was forefully connected to Ravencrest. I’d like to level my 111 Alliance toon, however, being anywhere near or in the zone of Boralas makes the game play just god awful. I leave that zone and it is fine. So no, it’s not my computer or my internet or my electricity or my water. These are the things that are driving the player base away. I would hope this would be something that would be addressed quickly.

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On Cenarius - Lag is terrible yet Home and World latency shows somewhat normal. 1 to 3 seconds for action after clicking on a spell or attack, looting, picking a herb or skinning a mob. Same for opening a mount or taking a taxi from a flight point.

Lag on Area 52 in Mount Hyjal zone is terrible as well. Has been all day - 1-3 second loot and ability lag as well. World latency is normal as is the latency in the Resource Monitor. UI and addons haven’t changed. Definitely something on Blizz’s end.

Hey all,

We have seen another uptick of this sort of issue in the past few weeks and the engineers have been made aware of them. Keep in mind however that we in Technical Support are not developers ourselves and won’t have most of the technical details on this sort of situation. All we can really do is continue to monitor for updates, keep it on the developers’ radar, and post if any new information is available. At this point in time this is being treated as a bug rather than a technical issue so there’s no troubleshooting we can provide you.

As a reminder, you can sometimes work around it by swapping between war mode or out of war mode to force a re-shard, but that won’t always fix it.

Ravencrest Boralus and Tiragarde Sound are close to unplayable right now. They were moderately better when I was online after lunch today, but now it’s the worst it’s ever been. I wish your engineers were required to play on servers with this problem! Have you tried it? If not, tonight would be a great time to see firsthand just how awful the experience is.

Additionally, if Tiragarde WQ emissaries could be temporarily removed from the rotation, that would probably help. Unless, of course, this won’t be fixed any time soon. If that’s the case, you’ll be seeing a lot less play time from me. I play to get away from frustration, not add to it. :frowning:

(I Initially posted this to the Oceanic thread by mistake, sorry!)

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100% This ^^^ Ravencrest here. I have noticed this is particularly bad when the world boss in Drustvar is up. Since he started spawning in, the lag in Drustvar grew. Now, it is in Tirgarde Sound, but started once the world boss switched over to Drustvar.

Ever person I have spoken with on Ravencrest is having this issue and many reported having the issue when the world boss is up. Maybe relevant, maybe nothing. But it makes the game basically unbearable.

Want to flight whistle, too bad. You can’t.- I will say this though. I just- tanked everything for the invasion and am pretty sure I took ZERO damage the whole time. I fought a 2.2m NPC and did not take any damage. So that’s fun. Blood DK, fwiw.

That’s really sad to hear. It’s been an issue since the launch of the expansion especially on Oceanic realms. No amount of new content will ever mean a thing if you can’t offer people a stable, lag-free game experience. Blizzard used to care about quality…


Same lagg after week servers maintenance

All zones …

Moon Guard

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Given this seems to have been an ongoing issue since December 2018, and this content is what a lot of people are trying to play, can I expect this issue to be fixed this year? Toggling warmode doesn’t seem to fix it, and what have you…

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Blizzard keeps sending us to the same link to reset this and reset that, so I ask this, has Blizzard clicked on their own link and followed their instructions to fix the issue? Asking for a friend.

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Issues I’ve had for past week on Uldaman appear resolved after last reset. None of my alts used war-mode.
Prior, my Alliance alts were unable to start ‘follow’ leveling quests in Tiragarde sound, and mobs were glitching out when I had ~60ms latency. Couldn’t aggro most mobs. And any of my Horde alts doing WQ’s in Tiragarde or Drustvar faced same issues that appeared to be extreme lag, yet both home and world latency was around 60. The quest mobs were surrounded by multiple ‘flight master’ pickups just flapping there, and I had to hearth to leave the zone. And once out of those two zones, zero issues.
I tried a couple of my alts yesterday and today on both factions, and can quest/WQ in each zone now without issue. I figured you’d only see bad news, so I wanted to let devs know whoever broke something a week ago rolled it back successfully this week :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, they didn’t. It’s that certain instances are broken. It’s still majorly broken here :frowning:.

Tiragarde Sound (Skywall/Drak’thul) has been particularly atrocious for about a week now. Some quests, such as Cycle of Life, flat out don’t function correctly when it’s this bad. Has there been any indication of the cause or solutions?

This issue started up for me tonight. Stormrage in outdoor BfA zones. Instances are fine. I’ve already tried the UI reset and the lag is still there. Takes 1-5 seconds between hitting an ability and it registering, looting is also affected and my ms sits around 39-42

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This is happening on the Sargaras server, but only in the kultiras zone.

I just took my 118 Priest to Tiragarde Sound and having HUGE lag when fighting and looting. Turning in quests is fine. Questing in Drust and stormvalley were fine. Doing wq’s on my 120’s is fine. Only noticed it on my 118 questing. This was made back in December and this is still an issue???

I also have a 1.5 to 2 second delay on all abilities and interactions with herbs in Stormsong Valley.

Name of Zone: Stormsong Valley
Persisting through relog: Yes
War Mode toggling: I don’t know
Latency Values: 34ms/34ms

I now went to Nazmir to farm herbs and everything is instant, no issues whatsoever.

Everyone on Turalyon that was attempting to finish the invasion had the problem of lag. Whistle didn’t work at all. 15 sec shadow bolt. Looting took several seconds. Completing a quest for the invasion would take several seconds to register.

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I would like to note that this did not happen in Arathi. I’m beginning to think that someone has figured out how to use the sharding to lag the server out during invasions.