Ability/Loot Lag on Oceanic Servers Despite Normal Latency

They also weren’t affiliated with development and technical resolutions either as far as I’m aware.

I don’t think it really changes much on this front, but we haven’t really had much hope anyway. It’s been happening for what? 6 months now?

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I don’t see what this has to do with the topic at hand. And it was clearly stated the personnel involved were not in any technical or development areas, but in departments like marketing, social media, customer service, etc. Please don’t hijak this topic.

Not hijacking anything, I’ve been in this thread since it started, but I concede your point. I guess what I was trying to get across is that as more time passes it just seems less and less likely that we’ll see a solution. While I do sincerely hope that I’m wrong and we’ll be pleasantly surprised, I’m not exactly holding my breath.


All good buddy, you like the rest of us are all passionate about it and sometime we speak from a place of emotion :slight_smile:

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Got to hit them profit targets at any cost aye Blizzard(and the record year just proves this), no wonder why BfA is in such a failed state. A$$tivision Bli$$ard, what a disgrace of a company. /spit

People this will never be fixed, it’s very apparent that Blizzard are skimping on servers for BfA with all the sharding and crz going on.

Time to move on, this isn’t the Blizzard anymore who had passion and cared about their customers. Unsub(mine ends in a few days) and move on as it have.( I would come back to this game if they removed sharding and stop forcing crz on people. I want server communities back but this will never happen)


Check out Blue post, number 1392 back in September.

Last night (Friday) 10.00pm server time, doing the Tiragarde invasion.

Server Cael/Nagrand

Latency normal for me 60/60.

Lag made the game truly awful. Not “unplayable” but “why bother” playable.

Given the length of time and lack of feedback in recent times it is hard not to conclude that Blizzard is treating us all with total contempt.

It really is one of those situations that leaves you shaking your head in disbelief.


Not going to bother with detail because I’m not even confident anyone looks at this anymore but this issue is still happening.

Every day at busy times. Every Day!


After all those staff cuts I’d be surprised if we ever get a Blue response again.

It’s probably gone Highlander over at Blizzard HQ in the support dept.

“There can be only one.”


Lol possibly.
I remember a couple of days after the incident there was massive blue interaction. Lasted a day and then we had another 4 days radio silence.


Where is the blog post/dev watercooler mentioned? It’s already almost a month. I guess with the recent lay off this has been swept under the carpet?


I can’t see it happening anymore. Sadly I’ve learned to become skeptical of anything they say they’re going to do. I get it though; a lot has happened to the company since then. One thing that still remains the same is poor communication.

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If only Activision Blizzard could just fire the problem away. :thinking:


Server: Cael/Nagrand.
Zone: Tiragarde Sound
Time: 11.00am!
Latency: 63/63 which is normal.

Lag? Of course, it is such a busy time isn’t it?

I think it might be all the Herbing bots running around from every server in Oceanic, except the one I am “supposed” to be on.

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So we are basically back to square one after the people responsible to fix/communicate about this issue has been laid off? Brilliant


yeah nah.

Great way to piss off people after saying progress has been made and you’ve moved beyond needing those.


posting winmtrs isn’t going to help anything. People have been posting them for 6 months now. The issue is still, and has always been server side and a result of the completely broken sharding system. Implementing the warmode system put too much strain on an already unstable system, and I’m pretty sure the ones who put it in the game are quite well aware of that fact. Frankly the cost it would take to fix the issue at this stage is not part of their cost-cutting policy, so it’s unlikely there will ever be a satisfactory solution.

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Hey all,

I’ve removed the post requesting winMTRs for now, since the issue we are looking at in this thread is unrelated to the issue we were gathering information for. We had some reports and data surrounding increased latency, so we’re looking to get some clarification to see if this is actually related in some way to the current reports of this issue. However the overall action/loot delay issue still has a large number of separate causes.

We may come back to request some additional information to see if we can use it to make another improvement in the future, but for now we’re just clarifying with the developers and network folks.

I subscribed for one month to try out the new raid, and was disappointed to find that this lag issue is still ongoing. It is not so bad that it’s unplayable, but it is extremely off-putting, to the point where I don’t want to do any outdoor activity in BFA zones anymore.

This problem only started in BFA, despite there being sharding and cross-realm tech in place for the last few expansions.

Just wanted to add my voice to the crowd, in hopes that someday, somehow, this problem gets fixed and I can finally enjoy the most basic part of the game again.

To reiterate:

This problem is characterised by intermittent lag spikes, causing delays in ability use/npc interactions of more than 1 seconds, without any apparent increase in latency as shown by the ingame latency indicator. Only happens in BFA zones.



Just so we are clear, and I am well aware I am just one person, one sub, I really dont matter in the end…but this is one of the reasons I am leaving. Nearly six months in , I am utterly gobsmacked that we are no closer to a fix.

We didnt have this problem in Legion…and right now, it feels like we never got Aussie servers.


:cry: Don’t go friend!!
Will you at least be on the forums still (while unsubs are able to be)?

I thought I would love warmode…in the end the tech just screwed the servers completely (I can only imagine this is what caused it as they were fine up until that point)

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