Abilities we want off GCD!

Go to the Class Dev page and contribute!

I think Deaths Advance, Wraithwalk, and Death Grip are ones they might consider.

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Death grip 100% needs to be off GCD. Feels so clunky.


Death Tickle-- I mean Coil? I know-- they would never pull a damager off the GCD, but my God does it feel like a waste of a perfectly good GCD.

Pillar of Frost 100%

Naw. 6chars

Dark transformation should be off gcd


Death grip for pvp must be off the gcd.


Feral Lunge for us morons who still play Enhancement and want to talent into an ability that really should be baseline so we can talent into having some sort of defensive without having to sacrafice our gap closer / movement. just a thought tho.

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Death Grip so I can stop swearing I pressed it but it never went off.

Feral Lunge, because would be nice to catch up to kite happies in pvp. MAGES.

@ [Ythisens]

Havoc Fel Rush needs to come with Vengeful Retreat. Pleeeeeeeeezzzzz!!! :slight_smile:

Raise Ally too please and remove the RP cost while you’re at it too.

Death Grip, Wraith Walk, Unholy Frenzy, and Dark Transformation.