Abilities Go Off By Themselves


Hello, not sure exactly where to put this, but hopefully someone can help.

I’ve been having an issue since I last installed the game after a while of not playing. So what is happening is all my abilities keep going off without me using them. They will try to go off one by one but only the ones who don’t need a target actually go off. I’ve noticed it happens both when I’m on foot and mounted. There isn’t really a pattern to it, it happens randomly, sometimes every few minutes and other times over and over one after the other making it almost impossible to enjoy the game. It’s annoying because it uses my defensive and long cooldowns, so when I need them I don’t really have them.

Anyone has had something similar happen to them? Anyone know how to fix this?

(Kyzera) #2

Have you done a full UI reset (as detailed in Support article linked below) to rule out a misbehaving addon or corrupted UI?


I’d agree, a UI reset would be a good place to start. It might also be prudent to see if you are having an issue with your keyboard, perhaps some keys are acting up, which is triggering an ability.

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Another thought would be to go through your keybinds and verify they are what you wish to have them set as now.


Hello, thank you for the reply.

I will check on resetting the UI, however, I don’t believe my keyboard is an issue since I play other games with it and use the same keys and haven’t seen any issues on those games. Neither do I have any issues while typing.

(Saángreal) #6

Really dumb question but do you have a USB connected game controller? Some games that support alternative devices like joysticks, controllers can default to them and cause cycling through skills or spinning characters around.


Hello. No, I don’t have any. Thanks for the tip.


My every man for himself keeps going off automatically whenever I get cc’ed even when rouge saps me or I get rooted. Don’t really understand if that’s some newer in game option or if somethings bugged for me. Just started playing again, haven’t played for a few years. Should I just do a UI reset? Also does that reset keybindings?

(Barai) #9

Do you have the Adaptation PvP Talent selected?

(Mastadôn) #10

I was going tk suggest checking PvP talents too


oh ok yes I was using that, I was so confused why I was auto using trinket when I was sapped. Thanks guys.