Abandoning BGs with my two 60 druids

Greetings all,

I have two 60 druids, one alliance and one horde. I went into the BGs tonight with this character and got mashed in two hits regularly.

Sorry Blizzard, but this is terrible and I’m abandoning BGs until it is fixed.

Right now I’m running BGs in the 40’s bracket with my alts, one rogue and the other pro warrior. What a difference! I can stay alive, do reasonable damage and the balance is FAR better than at 60.

I’ll use my 60 druids for achievements and other older content for now. But forget BGs, they are awful right now.

What irks me though is that if I turn off XP for my two 40-something alts, the ques never pop. So I’m stuck leveling them even though I don’t want them anywhere near level 60 BGs.

I wish Blizzard would change it so we could be in the normal ques if we turn off XP. The lower brackets are far, far better and they are how PVP should be, not the Shadowlands mess and wasteland of OP players.


Haha I know how you feel man, I used to absolutely hate leveling, but with how bad pvp is at 60… the most fun I have in the game is leveling alts, playing low level bgs, and theory crafting for end game pvp that doesn’t exist.

I will say that Druids don’t have it half as bad as other classes… at least we have guardian affinity to survive until help arrives in some cases… that’s said sometimes I spend an entire arena match in bear form running for my life from the Fire mage/Ret/WW/Warrior bull**** that plagues this game


Yeah i think a lot of us have resorted to playing low levels rn to get away from it all, also i’m leveling toons for tbc pvp, i mean tbc wasn’t perfect in class balance, don’t get me wrong, but the pacing, damage to health ratio, gearing and just casual enjoyment felt 100x better than this clown show.


Ha, ha! Do you know what happens with bear form now? You live for three hits instead of dying in two. LOL

I’m moving the druids over to get mecha gnomes and kultiras races unlocked. So there’s a lot of stuff to do there.

Well I mean I’m doing arena in 170ilvl gear and I can survive more than 3 hits in bear form lol


It is the Ghosts and Ghouls logic. Two hits.
One breaks Armor off into our hanes, second hit is skeleton time.
Works with Vers % too. :smiley:

The different lower 19, 20-29s, 39s, 49s etc. brackets each hold their own gearing progression, options.
Creating a custom character within these means is truly a deep game in itself, so much fun. Chromie time is the best of all worlds.
We need somewhere to play these characters with easier access.
Time and Effort is already mandatory.

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Bring your 60 alliance druid with me in 40-49 party sychs :slight_smile:

Just use the XP off exploit that everyone else uses. Blizz does not care.

What is the XP off exploit? I never heard of that.

Oh they grp up with a xp off toon before bgs and still have a xp off buff when they go in, Im not sure how exactly it works lol.

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Gotcha, thanks! I don’t know anybody who does, but it’s fun to know it exists.

When I said Blizz does not care you do these things at your own risk, I would not do it personally. Depends how much you love your WoW account.

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I’m serious about the party synch. If you like playing your 60 druid, I’m literally on almost every evening doing party synch bgs. You could bring your 60 druid and have fun without grinding gears, torgash, etc, and not be underpowered like you would be at max level.

Add me to battletags if you want to try it:


Something it would probably take a few hours to fix.

Just press convoke harder, you must not be pressing the button hard enough. You’ll be 2100 in no time

They will do something substantial like this if they want people to subscribe to the game. It isn’t clear at the moment whether they want customers. Customers are inconvenient. They expect something in return for the money they spend. This interferes with the design perfection they seek, which is independent of whether anyone is still playing the game.

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At least you can stealth, everybody else is chased down and obliterated, while they stand over your body flexing with 41,000 hp acting like they beat you with skill and tactics!

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Stealth and what? Afk and not be seen in a corner of the map?

You can heal another player, root or cyclone someone chasing the FC, you can stun the opposing FC and or Convoke the group softening them for others.

The irony of a Druid complaining about out of control damage.

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