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TLDR Warning for those with waning attention spans.

So I got really into AB weekend. There were some significant highs (the realization of the ‘Devil’s Triangle’ as I started to call it) and obvious lows (premades!) but I had a lot of fun. So I have some thoughts as well as some questions.

And that is what this is for. It is NOT for whining about map imbalance, premades or complaining about factions. AB is AB; take it or leave it.

I. Strategy

As you can see, I am Alliance. Those who play Alliance know that, at least at particular hours, we are prone to a defeatist approach. I have the misfortune of having to play at off hours because of my location, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had. First things first…

ST, BS, LM. These are the three we should try and seize first.

Over the weekend, the strategy has been ST, BS, GM. Why GM? Surely no one believes it has strategical advantages. It’s the only node in a blind spot. Ever seen Iron Man II? It’s the kill box of AB. But Alliance started going there because they assumed Horde would go LM, and rightfully so. LM is the best node in the game. BS is the most essential, true, but from LM you can see almost the entire field and you can get to the other three nodes most effectively thanks to the Slow Fall ability. So off-hour Alliance just don’t want to compete for it.

Next, the Devil’s Triangle.

This is where the ‘map imbalance’ people might have a say, but I don’t want to call it that because it’s more than possible for Alliance to achieve this if we’re coordinated and aggressive. It’s simple really:

Farm. BS. LM. If you have control of these nodes, you’re a huge step closer to winning the game.

It is infinitely easier to defend these nodes because from LM you can see the other two clearly and from BS you have the fastest access to both the Farm and LM. BS, LM, ST is good, but the back road to ST from BS is more time consuming.

Now to the most obvious, BS is king. No, you don’t NEED BS to win. I’ve won games just controlling outer rim nodes. But of course, BS is better. Not only do you have fast access to Farm and LM, but ST isn’t too far off and you can jump down/slow fall into GM for surprise attacks to keep the other side honest.

Now my question to those more skilled and experienced than I (which should be plenty!)

  • Do we have an idea of res points in relation to deaths? Or more importantly, is there an add-on that displays a grid or color on the AB map of where you spawn when you die at certain places? For strategic reasons, having this knowledge can be pretty big.

I’m really interested in hearing other people’s thoughts. I know there are websites out there that might have this kind of information, but I find the forums to be more beneficial because I will hear multiple views; some conflicting with others.

And let’s keep it civil, folks. Horde comments are more than welcome…

Except Undead Rogues. You all can get out.

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Fine… :v:

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