[A]<Analysis> Arugal NZ/Aussie Guild 2 Raid teams, early raid times

Oceanic New Zealand and Australia Guild with early raid times.

Alliance {OCE} GMT+12

PVP Arugal Server

AQ40 Cleared every week , Alliance first Thunderfury and We have 6 now.

Large active guild of Friendly welcoming players.

Raid One _ Timed raiding guild 7-10.30 pm New Zealand time Wed/Thursday 5-8.30pm AEST or Server time Wed/Thursday

Raid Two Friday/Tuesday 6.30-9.30pm AEST or 8.30-11.30PM NZT.

Loot Is a +1 System that carrys over from week to week and has 3 tiers of + 1 Big ticket items , Tair Gear and upgrade. This is a very fair loot distribution system that we created and that everyone agrees is one of the best they have seen.

Recruiting 1-2 H Palys and 1-2 H Priests ( may Look at exceptionally geared and skilled DPS but mainly looking for Non druid healers)

Both raids share players back and forth according to individual schedules so you never miss a raid!

Semi Hard Core PVE We aim for a fun raid environment with lots of banter but we expect you to be prepared and skilled.

We expect all members to play fair and well with all players on the server and not be a troll or ninja you will be kicked, guild reputation meant something in Classic and must be maintained.

Link to our Discord here let me know if interested and post a welcome msg https@://discord.gg/uEfPnSZ <<< REMOVE THE @ SYMBOL TO JOIN

Also Not Safe for Work guild where joking around is fine just dnt be a dick.18+ ONLY!

Guild is Mixture of Very Hard core players semi hardcore Who Both PVP and PVE

Contact Pocketbacon, sword , Dareon , Enix , HDN , Ela , splatts , Zarn , Brewkro in game or find us on discord Post in the Recruitment chat with a link to your gear and parses.

or add us in game pocketbacon#1282 or ad Sword on swordblazer#1431

8/8 BWL and Alliance first Thunderfury in one Night!!! !

Looking for a few classes , warriors + hunters for raid 2 and at least 2 Healers Paly or Priests for both raids, while we Clear BWL in 2 hours in our second week were still light on healers. !!!

Looking for 2 Healers for our wed/Thur raid and 2 healers 2 warriors for our Friday and Tuesday raid.

We are still looking for a few Healers currently to round out our teams!

Wed/Thur Team Looking for 1-2 H Palys While the Friday/Tuesday Team Is looking for 2 H Paly and 1-2 Priest Healers. !

We are looking for a few Non Druid healers for both teams. !!!

Still looking for a few players to fill out each raid . https@://discord.gg/uEfPnSZ <<< REMOVE THE @ SYMBOL TO JOIN

Bump for more DPS and a few healers !