[a]6/12m fire/frost mage lf late night or weekend mythic progression guild

Hello All,

As the title states I am currently looking for a late night (After 12:30am est) or weekend progression group for Mythic Nyalotha. Looking to move passed the current content I am in, as I feel my current group has stagnated and is not as focused on the progression I am looking for. The biggest issue is that the group is constantly changing and adding new and inexperienced players, and I feel as guild management is not where it should be. I would prefer more consistency for the time i’m giving the raids in prep and actual fights.

I have experience in 6/12M of the content in mythic and know the other fights as well. Besides Mythic raids, I also enjoy Mythic+ content and old farm run raids for mounts. I have a 2.1k I.O. and would love to work on M+ with whomever as well.

Hit me up on Bnet if you have any questions and i’ll leave my logs @ the bottom.

Madsieb#1904 -
Logs |https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/44116702#

Have a good one!

Hi! We are Volatile, a weekend raiding guild with raid times Fri/Sat @10p-1a EST. Wasn’t sure what your weekend raid times were but I figured i’d give it a shot. We are 6/12M and have a laid back raiding environment but we do get serious when it comes to boss fights. If interested, please add vcronwen#1282 and Mabelle#1433 and we can chat. :slight_smile: