[A]6/10M, 10/10H, 8-11pm PST 3 Nights LF DPS and H Pal

woah, who dat?

New Orleans Saints?

Let’s recruit Baloo, he casts enough of my abilities for me

I bet you guys forgot my demon hunter existed. I might have also forgotten.

I think I’m one of the few who hasnt made a demon hunter!

Which will kill me more tonight, the ice or the fire?

Does standing in fire to die when a wipe is called count? If not, ice for sure.

edit: I guess this is my life now, I am just this character forever on here.

My idea of a perfect date is April 25th, because it’s not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.

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Sometimes I feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again.

A new challenger approaches! Just kidding it’s me, show me your kneecaps.

I’m online and lurking!

ewww, creepy

I’m interested, added your recruitment officer on Bnet
4/9 M exp on previous main, who is now a 411 eq Prot Warrior.

Oh happy day!

And a happy day it was :]

We don’t have a main one of those yet. I wonder if we’ll find any others to add to the collection :slight_smile:

Had a busy weekend, I sent you a request to talk to you more Fendryk!

Well I played like a potato tonight

I don’t get it.

I don’t get anything