[A]6/10M, 10/10H, 8-11pm PST 3 Nights LF DPS and H Pal

Still looking for a holy Pally?

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We sure are, drop an app :slight_smile: and whisper one of our recruiters.

Who wants to play tag?

I applied and sent bnet requests to your recruiter and an officer.

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ewww, it’s Monday today :frowning:

Ha, monday is over! Also looking forward to talking to new people!

New people are good!

Cats in your face make it very hard to use the computer.

Why can’t my cat wanna cuddle with me when I’m not on the computer?

<Im interested in joining this guild.

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That’s great to hear. Please add a recruiter and/or officer to bnet, drop an application and let’s see if you would be a good fit :slight_smile:

We do require past raiding history (not all necessarily cutting edge) of some end game content.

OoooooOO Moar updates!

Stop, Drop and Roll! You’re on Fire!!

What can we do?

Any interest in a 413 Vengeance DH? I am 5/9 M experience with a 3/9 M Resto druid alt.

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We consider all applications seriously even if not specifically listed as a “need”. If you are willing to drop an application, we would definitely consider you.

Updated! No moar monks, buts of other things wanted!

Well, we aren’t against monks, we just don’t need to recruit more monks :slight_smile: hehe

Ha speak for yourself! Dirty monks with keg smashes pulling early and then rolling off the edge!