[A] Wotlk US-Atiesh | <KINGDOM> Welcoming new members! | Casual

[A] Wotlk US-Atiesh | Welcoming new members! | Casual

Raid Schedule:
Team1: Fri/Sat 9:00pm - Midnight (PST)

Classic and TBC: Cleared all content pre-nerf.

About Us:
We are a casual guild that is currently being re-built. We’ve been around since the beginning of classic. Had 6 legendary items in the guild at one point during classic including 3 Thunderfury swords. TBC came out and the guild split into 2 to better manage people and the raiders expectations. Then the guild had a hostile takeover in WotLK, which is now resolved and time to rebuild. Come join us, strike up a conversation or be a troll. We’re big proponents of Freedom of Speech but that doesn’t mean freedom of consequence. We are a bigger guild with approx 450 members, with 10-20 online at any given time.

Loot Distribution:
Currently doing MS>OS with ideas in the future to do a form of Suicide Kings (ms>os round robin style)

GM: Aszelgus/Aziel/Aselga/Alkas
Co-GM: Ddenali/Bbeans
Recruiter: Kajuvra

Guild discord: KJ3U3qKtTN

For more information please contact Kajuvra in-game and i will be happy to assist you.

Come join us, be social! Or creep on us lol.

Kingdom is recruiting for our 10 man Normal raid teams
Team Murloc
Fri/Sat 10 PM - 1 AM
Team Gnolls
Wed/Thu 7-10 PM.
Loot MS>OS. for more information please whisper Kajuvra on Atiesh!

Yes our 10 man teams need MOAR people! Come join the fun!

Still looking for additional raiders, 5-man runners, chatters, jokers…basically all the ers.

What makes wow great? PEOPLE! Come join us as we progress through ICC! All positions are considered!

Guild Name: Kingdom!
Instance/Progress/Logs: ICC - 4/12 normal 1/12 heroic : ToC 5/5n : VoA
Schedule: Fri/Sat 9 PM - 12 AM Server
Loot System: MS>OS
LF: DK(Frost/Unholy) Druids(Resto / Boomy) Shaman (Resto / Ele) Rogue (combat)
link to more info: ⁠discord.gg/B5WC3WcKpG
please contact: @Kajuvra