A worry I have for Classic

I mean there could be a rush to end game content mindset, and some people will probably do so. But me, I’ve been there and done that already. I already know how to play Vanilla and have already proven myself to myself and others. There’s little incentive for me to play other than enjoying the experience and the community.

Now, I will probably try to reach the end game and complete the content, but if it isn’t convenient for me I’m not going to bother.


I imagine some people will have that mindset. Even in real Vanilla 14 years ago, many people had that attitude about getting to end game as fast as possible. That’s why Blizzard shifted the focus to end game in the first place, because people complained they couldn’t rock full epic gear like the raiders.

The community will be a bit harder to ignore because there wont be any tools that allow for doing that, unless you want to do nothing but solo play but then you’ll find yourself at 60 in nothing but greens. Taking part in the community will mean you’ll find things are a lot easier when it comes to getting groups and gear(unless you get a bad rep).

Personally I know I’m going to hit 60 rather fast for the average player because I just level faster than average, but I’m not going to worry about competing for server first Kel’thuzad or anything.


People will absolutely do this, and that’s okay. I don’t think anyone should try to say the way someone plays the game is somehow incorrect.

Some of us will rush, some of us will try to enjoy it again. Whichever way you go I think we should all just be stoked that we’re getting Classic. I’ll probably be in the slower end myself trying to do the dungeon quests because to me that’s a pivotal Classic experience that I at least remember. I want to form my Deadmines groups in Westfall chat again.


But Ythisens. . .

Are you going to “LFG VC” or “LFG DM”?
(Sorry I could not resist lol)
But yeah entirely agree. It will be fine.


oh my gosh a surprise blue post in this hell hole!!

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I’ve heard that some people back in the day said VC but I never saw that on my server at least.


Hah! I’m total LFG VC myself.
Blackrock did VC from the get go because of the quest calling to kill Vancleef!


Since I did not get to play Classic, I am really excited to play it. Though my main is a paladin horde, I will be looking to main a different class. I am torn between a troll or tauren priest, or possible a warrior. Either way, I will be playing classic casually as my focus will be on the live version.


Sorry to inform you but that was also a cata addition.

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Well, if it helps, tauren priest isn’t an option in Classic. That class/race combo was added in Cataclysm when all the options were expanded.

(Troll priest is available, and both tauren and trolls can be warriors.)

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You’ll get all kinds of players… believe it or not there were a lot of players back in Vanilla who also rushed through the content xD

One cool thing about Vanilla, the structure of the game makes it more difficult for your typical person to rush… you might as well enjoy your journey, because it’s a long one!


I will be in somewhat of a rush but not too much. Most likely 12-16 hrs days at launch…but I will level my 1st aid and cooking and others on the way as I level. Well except fishing…I would rather level a whole extra character than level fishing lol. The extra day to get to cap is better than trying to level up all your skills afterwards and refarm low level areas for mats.

Seriously… of all the things that could have used a blue post on … this is what gets the blue?


They pretty much have stated there wont be a need to rush. Say we get quarterly releases. That gives you 3 months to level up and get SEMI geared. Every phase has a catch up raid except phase 4. Worst case scenario is professions matter a little less.

One thing I can say on your thoughts, and that is community.
People think that the community will be the same as it was back in classic.
Personally, I think they are going to be very disappointed.
The old sense of community is not going to suddenly come back just because
its a classic server.


Incoming a lot of hate from gummy/alexentual fans with this guy posting here.

Btw great job on those posts.


Sorry to bother - can we get a sticky on this post? I’m hoping to ease the transition for people new to the board and keep the true information flowing and limiting the disinformation.

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Yeah, it will, because like minded people are going to be playing together. I have a whole group ready to descend upon Classic, and we all have the right mindset. I agree with the Blue, we should let people play the way they want, but my group is going to enjoy the world and the experience this time around. I wasn’t ready to start TBC when it released, and still wish I had a few more years, so now I’m getting the chance to relax and enjoy it all. Life is what you make it : 0 We will be helpful with 5 mans, and Raiding when we get there.


thanks to the blizzard team for classic, are in order. give them all a big hug and peck on the cheek and say it’s from fans of classic future. :sunny:


Good idea! I’ll sticky that. Please keep this up as this kinda thing would be very helpful for folks tracking wise.