A worry I have for Classic

One thing I can say on your thoughts, and that is community.
People think that the community will be the same as it was back in classic.
Personally, I think they are going to be very disappointed.
The old sense of community is not going to suddenly come back just because
its a classic server.


Incoming a lot of hate from gummy/alexentual fans with this guy posting here.

Btw great job on those posts.


Sorry to bother - can we get a sticky on this post? I’m hoping to ease the transition for people new to the board and keep the true information flowing and limiting the disinformation.

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Yeah, it will, because like minded people are going to be playing together. I have a whole group ready to descend upon Classic, and we all have the right mindset. I agree with the Blue, we should let people play the way they want, but my group is going to enjoy the world and the experience this time around. I wasn’t ready to start TBC when it released, and still wish I had a few more years, so now I’m getting the chance to relax and enjoy it all. Life is what you make it : 0 We will be helpful with 5 mans, and Raiding when we get there.


thanks to the blizzard team for classic, are in order. give them all a big hug and peck on the cheek and say it’s from fans of classic future. :sunny:


Good idea! I’ll sticky that. Please keep this up as this kinda thing would be very helpful for folks tracking wise.


Well that does help… LOL
I did enjoy the demo playing a troll priest. I also was able to mess around with the tree as well. I Joined WoW in the middle of Cata so I cannot comment whether I like the system or not. I will have to look at what other classes can play priest.

i do believe undead can be priests too.

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On Horde side, troll and undead can be priests.

On Alliance, human, night elves, and dwarves can be priests.

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On Emerald Dream we would like to have some of our older post restickied if possible. Please and Thank you.

Classic is about choice as much as it is about anything. If someone wants to race to the end, go for it! I’ll be happy to skin the mobs he leaves behind.


I just about live here so it’ll be maintained daily!

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I don’t know if I could do another forsaken as I have tried to do so in the past. What I do love about the forsaken is their storyline and for that reason, I will create one to do the storyline. I do not know who created the storyline but I have created toons just to run the storyline, and delete after completion. Maybe 10 or so times I have done this. I know silly right.

It may not be exactly the same, but I think it will be close. The classic servers were what really helped form the community. You were literally stuck with the same group of people and kept running into them; everyone knew everyone else. Being stuck with the same pool of players really does help form community I think.

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We need Lore in here.

wait you’re one of them VC people :japanese_ogre:

I could not care less if Johnny, Bobby and Billy want to rush to 60, ignoring the community and the experience of the journey, as long as Blizzard does not change the game in an effort to cater to that mindset.

I do not want to see things like sharding added because Johnny, Billy and Bobby see other players only as obstacles in their way to 60, reducing the XP needed, adjusting elite mobs to make them easier to solo, etc.

Blizzard has already shown us that they are willing to damage, if not outright destroy, the classic experience with sharding in an effort to cater to that instant gratification, convenience oriented mindset. How far will they go to “appeal to” and cater to that mindset? That is my concern.


I enjoyed the original WoW because the hardest rep grind was building your own reputation. The community was smaller, just one server and once your earned a good reputation for sticking with groups, no matter how many wipes, no matter how many hours it took to do an instance, the group stuck together and this created some strong bonds among players. There was no ‘lfg’ system, and we had to sit in town and yell for groups. But if we had a good reputation for being a great player we got personal tells, ‘Hey wanna join our Sunken Temple group?’… we didn’t deal with ‘rage quitters’ or ‘non-team players’. Those who struggled through thick and thin together reaped the rewards from higher instances and raids. … I guess you won’t really understand unless you try the original WoW and actually make a good name for yourself there.


Yea this wasnt because of rep most of the time, it was a result of /who 60 or /who war,mage etc

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