A world revamp? - Speculation and discussion

Thrall has a son too doesn’t he?

Yes, but his son is younger than Dagran by a few years. It would need more than 10 years for him to be in more than the early teenage years.

Dagran is a few years (5 or so) older than Thrall’s son (I think the name is Durak, if I’m not mistaken). Dagran was born around Vanilla, while Durak was born around MoP.

Vereesa’s children were born around Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos (4 years before vanilla).

And Anduin is a little older than that.

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Were getting two new zones, new gear systems, changes to HoA, new dungeons, new raids, etc. in less than a week. 8.2 is going to be one of their largest content patches second only to 6.1 and the introduction of the S.E.L.F.I.E. camera. Ok i jest on the last bit (i hope). While a world revamp is possible with the unleashing of N’zoth and signs of other old god work, i dont know that blizzard would be quick to do it again, because the ill effects of cataclysm can still be felt today.

Quick? Last world revamp was 10 years ago!

Here’s some food for thought:

  • This year is WoW’s 15th anniversary and Warcraft’s 25th. Perfect moment to announce an expansion that features a soft reboot of the franchise
  • A revamp will need to happen at some point. Blizzard can’t leave the game’s leveling as is, as it makes it unappealing and unfriendly for new player. Better to happen now and reinvigorate the franchise for another decade or so.
  • The WoW team is much larger now than back in Cataclysm, and they have built assets over the last expansions that greatly reduce the resources needed to revamp the old world.
  • The BfA patch cycle is way slower than Legion’s. By this time in Legion, we were already seeing 7.3 PTR, while 8.3 PTR is most likely to come only in November. It’s almost like they are buying time for next expansion.
  • Both Legion and BfA were expansions that clean and reset the world, with major implications for the setting.
  • Blizzard likes to drop hints for future expansions. Like the Zandalari/Kul Tiran prisoners in Azsuna. I think BfA’s hint is Uther’s Tomb, an area that was revamped for seemingly no purpose.

I’m not saying it will happen for sure. But it can happen, no doubt.


Nope, but that was quite an essay.

I just don’t think they’d “waste” (according to them) resources to do a world revamp. I think they’d stick to new stuff.

I thought Cata was cool, finally making those horrible areas (which you’ll see again, if you play Classic!) places you’d bother going to. A lot of people did not think it was that great, though.

I dont disagree that it feels like its coming, and it very well could be. If there is any truth to the level squish, that will likely be when it happens. My point is I am unsure if they will do so due to cataclysm and the long term ill effects on the game. It gives them a chance to fix a lot or really mess things up.

The real problem with Cata wasn’t the revamp, it was the lack of end-game content. The revamp was mostly praised (at the time, it’s been 10 years since), but most of Cata dev resources went into it, not endgame.

But now, with scaling, bonus objectives, leveling squish and other new systems, Blizzard could invert and make only a small part of the “new” old world for leveling, while mostly of it would go for endgame content.

Also, the new revamp would go way beyond the old one’s constraints, making the continents few new and not just retouched.

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We have been in the post Cata world longer than the Pre Cata world, its time for a Rise of the Black Empire revamp

If they have time dragons so yoy can choose id be okay with changes. Thats where cataclysm failed in the zones by removing the old quests and locations. Barrens used to be flat land, then they divided it with a huge canyon that took 15 minutes to get around.

Yes, I address that in the OP.

I think this won’t just be an update on the old maps. It will be entirely new maps, leaving the old ones unchanged. You can choose to “go back in time” to reach them.

Separating the maps allows Blizzard to make radical changes to the new versions, like merging, replacing, dividing or reshaping zones, change terrain drastically, even add zones (like Quel’thalas and Myst Isles, or new areas that existed in Lore but never appeared, like Maisara Hills, Tel’abim, Plunder Island and so on) without touching Cataclysm or TBC content.

I have to say I am not in favor of a revamp of the world.
But if they actually do it in a way similar to your example (that is AWESOME by the way) I would not complain!!


But, the Game Designer said no. He said players don’t want Blizzard spending money redoing old zones, players want new zones. This after redoing six Outlands zones for WoD when Azeroth needed it far more. He said the devs “always want to” fix old zones when they go into them to do anything, but no.

I really hope this happens one day.
This is a really good idea, and I love the storylines you included.
I would also like a revamp for Outland and Northrend. But that is asking too much of Blizz

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Maybe in 10.0 or even 11.0, slap on a new mail wearing class, revamp the old world and make the expansion revolve around those zones instead of us just finding a new island like we always seem to

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