A workaround for racial change

I want a racial change because I want to change my racial abilities, not because I want to hide who I am or was. So if you’re not gonna allow racial changes, then make a compromise and allow racial ability changes. So why not allow racial abilities change only?

This way a person can’t change their name or appearance, but have the option to change their racial abilities. This makes both sides of the racial change argument happy. There is absolutely no drawback of this option being available. Any drawbacks of this idea?

It potentially diminishes racial identity. In PVP, it would make it difficult to anticipate racial abilities. There may be some race/class combinations that do not exist for a reason, though warlocks with Troll berserking in Classic would probably be pretty fun :slight_smile:


I don’t think OP was suggesting he be allowed to change to a race/class combo that isn’t available, just that he regrets the choice he made on the character selection screen

The way I understood the suggestion was to be able to change racial abilities independent of race.

Oh that seems like a hard no if that’s what he was suggesting, allowing racials that weren’t intended for a particular race seems kind of antithetical to the spirit of the game


That’s a good point. Just wish we could do race change then but without changing the name. oh well…

Cultural appropriation: The adoption of an element or elements of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity.

Feral druid with Will of the Forsaken would be cool buff.

The ability to actually use my racial abilities at all without having to shift out of form just like absolutely every other class in the game along with both Restoration and Balance druids would be great bug fix too but they refused to fix that broken by design flaw of theirs till WotLK when they could break countless other things in the process.


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Gonna roll an orc warrior with fear ward, will of the forsaken and stun resist. This idea is effing gold Jerry!

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Everyone would just pick Human weapon skill racial and WOTF.

WOTF is absolutely useless against some classes (i.e. any class that doesn’t fear).

Human weapon skill racial (as well as perception, and the rep bonus) is pretty OP. In Classic at least where Warriors are the best melee class, and both Hand of Rag, and Thunderfury are human racial bonus weapons, that would make sense.

Literally everyone would choose orc stun resist.


There is already an in-game way to change your racials. You have the ability to make a new character.


Tauren need Shadowmeld.

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Spoken like an undead. WOTF is incredibly OP, and its useful against any class in organized PVP where MC caps are everywhere. Weapon skill is good, but only in PVE and is overall less useful than the ORC racials

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WOTF works for 6 seconds vs

  • charm from succubus
  • fear from lock/war/priest
  • hunter wyvern shot

Perception. You have to use when you suspect an invisible player which already slides the advantage as getting someone completely off guard is very different. Time to prep traps, flare, shield, let allies in voice chat know , getting into combat to avoid sap etc.

  • rouge
  • druid
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I mean, I think the priests, warlocks, and warriors tend to notice it more than other classes. Just like mages may tend to notice how useful escape artist is.

But yeah, WotF and Orc stun resist are great racials for group PVP.

Undead is personally my favorite race, independent of racials. However, I have 3 level 60s in Classic, and this is my only Undead. Of course, one of the other 2 is an Orc :wink:


Classic is all about choices, and their consequences. Allow race change, and you’ll change racials like socks. Leveling a warrior? Pick a night elf for the ghost speed boost and shadowmeld. Ranking for a few months? Switch to a gnome to catch up on those pesky mages. Got your pvp purples? Time to parse in PVE and race change to a human for that weapon skill.

If you want a PvP warrior, you have to be a gnome from start to finish. If you want a PvE warrior, you go human. You can’t excel at both. Your choice matters. And that’s something which makes classic special, and should be preserved.

And I am saying this as a human priest who is mocked for his race choice and lack of fearward every raid.


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True but even on my druid I see our priest fear bomb stacked horde in pvp and hear nothing but WOTF lol

Flip the script you hear bubbles and chain lighting followed by human death grunt’s bc paladins can’t outheal that crap