A Winter Veil Gift in tbc

A prime example of why CMs don’t “just chat” anymore.

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Except they literally just did what you asked and people still find a way to be snarky and rude about it.

What did they do that we asked for?

Lol calling someone a nerd on THE WOW FORUMS

I asked for them to offer free transfers for servers that got passed up in the last wave. And also for dual spec.

Which of those did they do again?

They fixe robot toy tjat wasnt below christmis tree!

What does that toy do? Is it a dps increase?

Its more important than dying servers and engi items used in arena, thats why they fixed it ASAP

Maybe go make your own thread about it.

Nice, thank god we got that incredibly important issue fixed

Just because it wasn’t important to you doesn’t mean it wasn’t important to other people.

Are you hwappy you got your wittle pwesent now?

Yup. Are you happy showing your inner character? Your name is certainly fitting :rofl:

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are you hwappy that your game developer(s) fix random sh*t like dumb robot toy instead of dying servers?

Yes i am very happy that I got my pet Also if you are on a dying server just transfer to a new one :slight_smile: too bad you are on a dead realm

Yup. You can always pay to transfer off if you want though.

I’ve been replying in the one provided. No need to spam the forums, they just need to actually reply.

I’ve been very vocal about the server stuff and have yet to change my mind. I won’t be callous to you like those other posters.

Still, it’s good they fixed this, during the last few holidays there were problems and they took their time to correct them. It’s nice to see them on the ball here.

i got it, on my main, its rng

Youre a blizzard salesman in disguise